10 Reasons to Start a Career as a Mobile Dog Wash Franchisee

Are you looking for a career working with animals that give you freedom and flexibility as a small business owner, as well as the support of a nationally recognized company? Here are 10 reasons why a career as a mobile dog wash franchisee could be a perfect fit for you!

With almost four million dog owners in Australia, a career in dog grooming could be a lucrative opportunity for someone looking to start a new career. Dog grooming salons are always looking for new employees. However, for the right person – someone with a mixture of genuine animal affection, business acumen and the drive to succeed, starting a career as a mobile dog wash franchisee could prove the key to both a happy work-life balance and financial freedom.

Starting a new business isn’t easy. But what if you could have all the benefits of being a small business owner with the resources of a nationally recognised company? That’s what starting a franchise is all about, and it may just be the right path for you. Here are 10 reasons to start a career as a mobile dog wash.

1) You get the benefit of independence with guidance

Starting a mobile dog wash franchise with a nationally recognised company means you get the benefit of starting your own business under the guidance and reputation of a larger company. Opening a dog wash franchise is much less risky than opening a small independent dog wash business. When you begin your business with a recognised business name, you benefit from its established reputation and customer base. However, you still have the freedom of an independent business.

2) Start-up support

That big company you’re taking the name of wants you to succeed – its reputation depends on it. But their interest in your success is to your advantage as they will give you all the tools and training you will need to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. A franchisor will:

  • Provide marketing materials;
  • Conduct marketing campaigns for the entire company;
  • Give you access to leads to build up your client base; and
  • Put you in touch with other franchisees for peer support.

Franchising is a good way for entrepreneurs to start their businesses while still having the resources of a bigger company.

3) You have access to proper training

If you’ve never owned and run a franchise before, you may not be trained in certain areas of business. The company you buy your dog wash franchise from will provide you with training in the best dog washing and grooming practices, as well as in:

  • Accounting;
  • Marketing; and
  • Business management.

When you start your own independent business, you must learn all these things on your own, and mistakes are all part of the learning curve. Those mistakes can become costly. With a franchise, you can avoid these pitfalls because you have a tried and true system to fall back on. They also stay by your side with advanced training to help you stay on top of your business as it grows.

4) You get to do what you love

You can’t go into franchising with rose-coloured glasses – of course, owning a dog wash franchise is not all playing with puppies. But you wouldn’t be considering a dog wash franchise if you didn’t already have a genuine love of animals, and by becoming a dog wash franchisee, you’ll get to spend your days working with them. It’s not a job everyone can do, and if you have the patience and skills to work with dogs, you could make a real go of it.

5) It’s easier to get funding

Getting a business loan for a franchise is easier than getting a business loan for an independent business. The company you are buying your dog wash franchise with will already have a business plan and all the financial projections done, making your side of the application process easier. Furthermore, you’ll be more likely to get a loan as a franchise is a far safer investment for the bank than a brand-new business.

6) You can work with family and friends

As a business owner, you will be able to choose your team of co-workers. So why not team up with family and friends to make your workdays more fun? Many dog wash franchisee teams are comprised of wife and husband teams, siblings, or close friends who have pooled their resources to build their dog wash business. This allows teams to play to their strengths and means that families can spend their working days together. If you’ve been missing family time while working, starting a franchise could be a great solution.

7) You can ask for help if you need it

When you’re a part of a large company, you have a large support system to fall back on if times get tough or if you run into problems. Because in a franchise business, there is no competition; you’re all on the same team, and everyone is there to support you. Besides your fellow franchisees, you’ll have a franchisor to turn to for help, whether you run into a very difficult customer or your equipment breaks down in the middle of a job.

The great thing is that the franchisees support each other. When you are part of a large business, you’ll have support whenever you need it.

8) Owning a franchise

There are franchise opportunities for everyone. If you’re not sure you want to start a dog wash franchise, you could consider another franchise opportunity that will give you the freedom to be your own boss under the cover of a large, established brand. How about a franchise opportunity as a:


Buying an established pet grooming franchise such as Jim’s Dog Wash will give you a recognisable brand and a clear structure to help get your business started. To find out more about franchise opportunities with Jim’s Group, click here. Or, to get some advice about what kind of franchise would suit your skills and interests, call our friendly service team on 13 15 46 today.

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