Anthony O’Connell – The Vinnies CEO Sleepout

The Vinnies CEO sleep out is on June 23, probably the longest and maybe the coldest night of the year. While it is only one night and not real a true experience of being homeless, it does provide an opportunity for CEO’s to have a taste of rough sleeping and most important to raise funds an awareness for women, children and men experiencing homeless in all its formats. Either rough sleeping, in a domestic situation that is physically violent, emotionally or financially controlling through to being in day-to-day accommodation with no real tenure, homelessness takes many forms. Other issues such as improved health, physical and mental along with helping to break the cycle of poverty, having a home is essential for life.

Relationships in our lives are key and essential to being a functioning and productive member of society, to being in a family, no matter it’s make up or origins. Relationships make us human. Being without out a home, robs us of an opportunity to develop and grow our relationships. Our human dignity is directly connected to the dignity of others. When one person suffers no matter what the form, in effect we all suffer.

I am doing the CEO sleepout to make my small difference, to stand in solitary with those who through the increasing costs of rents, house prices, day to day living expenses, domestic violence, illness and poverty find themselves homeless. While some people say that the CEO sleepout is just a night, it does make a difference. Alone I can’t end domestic violence, the lack of affordable housing and homelessness but I can make a difference through raising funds for the Vinnies CEO sleep out and that will make a difference is someone’s life. I may never get to meet the people the funds raised go to help but I know it will make a difference in that person’s life. Please join me and other CEO’s on the night to make a difference.

To register and join me in the sleepout. You can register here.

And remember, once registered, then join the Jim’s Team

If you can’t make it, for whatever reason, then please donate to me or any other person attending the Vinnies CEO sleep out and know that you have made a difference. To make a donation – just follow the links