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DIY Tips for Creating a Zen Home Office

  Who wouldn’t want a zen space to work from home in? Here are some DIY tips for creating a peaceful and professional home office. If you work from home, you know the struggle of balancing your professional and personal life under the same roof. Why not create a quiet, work-focused space for yourself so […]

How to Puppy Proof Your Home

As a new puppy parent, it’s your job to keep your pet safe from anything in your home that could cause them harm. And, as a homeowner or renter, it’s your job to keep your house safe from your puppy! It’s an exciting time bringing home a new puppy – both for your family and […]

Quick Tips to Declutter Your Home

If you’re overwhelmed with mess at home, it might be time to do some decluttering. The idea of living simply might sound appealing, but the reality is that to get to ‘simple’, you have to make some big changes. Those changes don’t have to be scary; rather, learning how to declutter your home – and […]

Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Are you considering redoing your home interior in 2022? Here are the best interior design trends to look out for in the new year to ensure that your home is looking its best. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how important it is to enjoy being in our homes. With all the stress and uncertainty Australians […]

Outsource Your Spring Cleaning

Have you done your spring cleaning? If you feel like you’ve fallen behind with household and gardening chores, it might be worth considering outsourcing some of the jobs so that your house is ship-shape and ready for summer entertaining. Here are some tips for outsourcing spring-cleaning duties. After another long, wet winter, nothing makes you […]

How to Promote Your Business in Your Local Community

If you run a small business, it’s important to build your reputation and brands visibility within your local community to enable your business to grow. Don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas to promote your business locally. When you run a small business, your time is spent juggling so many responsibilities that marketing […]

7 Ideas for Hosting a Children’s Party at Home

Australia is coming out of lockdown! This means that aside from visiting family and going on holidays again, our kids can start looking forward to big birthday celebrations. You might be tempted to go all-out this year to make up for the parties that kids missed out on during Covid-19 restriction periods but going all-out […]

Moving Out? Here’s Your End-of-Lease Checklist

There’s a lot to organize if you’re moving out of a property, end-of-lease checklists can help you stay on top of all the little jobs that need doing. Don’t let yourself get snowed under with the mountain of work you’ll need to do if you want to get your full deposit back – just follow […]

6 Tips for Caring for Your New Puppy

Aww, a new puppy! But, having a pet is not all fun and games, you are also responsible for keeping your new puppy safe, happy, healthy and mentally stimulated, as well as showing them with all the love and affection they need. This is quite a big responsibility! To help you get through that new […]