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5 Essential Things to Consider Before Removing a Tree

There are many reasons why it might become necessary for a tree to be removed from your property. The tree might be dead, making it a waste of valuable space; a tree might be storm damaged, making it a potential hazard for all those who walk past it; or a tree might block views, making […]

5 of the Most Common IT Problems in 2021 and How to Fix Them

Whether for the better or for the worse, computers have changed our lives drastically. Many of us rely on our computer devices heavily on a day-to-day basis, so when they stop working, it’s a serious problem. In this post, we’ll walk you through 5 of the most common everyday computer problems that our clients encounter. […]

The 10 Jim’s Divisions with the most Unserviced Leads

It’s always a good sign for any business owner when their business receives plenty of leads. But what happens when these leads go unserviced? It might be hard to believe, but managing unserviced leads is one of our biggest challenges here at Jim’s Group. When leads go unserviced, it means that there are more job […]

A beginner’s guide to solar power in Australia

As solar energy becomes an increasingly viable option for Australian homes and businesses, you might have found yourself considering installing solar panels on your own property. But where to start? There’s a lot of information available out there, so the whole process can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. In this post, we’ve compiled a beginner’s […]

How to start a business, leaving a high paying job?

On our website, we have a question box where you can ask Jim’s Group CEO, Jim Penman any question about business that you like. One great question we received recently was from a person called ‘Beeza’ who asked for Jim’s advice on potentially leaving a high-paying corporate job in order to start a lifestyle business […]

Not just for cars: The top 5 benefits of home window tinting

Window tinting is most commonly applied to cars and vehicles; but did you know that your home windows can be tinted, too? Home window tinting, though sometimes overlooked, is an excellent investment that comes with an abundance of benefits. Not only does it protect your home from harmful UV exposure, it can also save you […]

Locksmith FAQs: 5 of the most commonly asked questions about locksmiths

Locksmiths have been around for centuries. For as long as there have been locks and keys, there have been locksmiths around to fix and fit them. Today, locksmiths perform a wide array of services and tasks. As security specialists, they’re responsible for servicing, maintaining, and repairing mechanical and electronic locks and security installations within a […]

Ceiling Fans in Summer

Are ceiling fans good for summer? With airconditioning options readily available to many people, you might find yourself asking “why install a ceiling fan?” Well, we say, “why not?” Ceiling fans are becoming more and more popular, not only in the home but in the workplace as well.  This is for a variety of reasons, […]

Genuine customer review for a Jim’s Mowing garden cleanup job

Customer review for Adam & Caitlin from Jim’s Mowing I would like to let you know that we have had a Fantastic experience with Jim’s Mowing/Gardening. It started with my initial phone call. I was extremely pleased with how quick I was responded to by Adam. He called me within a short period of speaking […]

What does Jim Penman think of Toro mowers?

Jim’s Group CEO, Jim Penman recently used a Toro Ride-On at his recent mowing for a charity event. It was a great effort by Jim who hasn’t officially been a mowing contractor in over 30 years! Jim’s Group is very fortunate to have lots of great preferred suppliers that support our franchisees with a large […]

How a Jim’s Mowing franchise can change your life

Our CEO and Founder, Jim Penman sends anniversary videos and emails to franchisees who achieve certain milestones.   The below is a copy of the email Jim received from Julius Sanders who is a proud Jim’s Mowing franchise owner in the Northern Territory. We are very proud of Julius and are so happy that we […]