Brett Vidler’s Inspiring Journey: From Corporate Retail to Thriving Jim’s Mowing Franchisee

In this episode of the More Than Just Mowing Podcast, Joel Kleber sits down with Brett Vidler, a successful franchise owner at Jim’s Mowing, the world’s largest gardening franchise. With over 33 years of experience in big box retail, Brett shares his inspiring story of how he made a life-changing decision during the COVID pandemic, transitioning from his corporate career to becoming a Jim’s franchisee. Let’s delve into his motivations, challenges, and the remarkable success he achieved through his Jim’s journey.

Embracing Change – Brett Vidler’s Background and Family Life

Before embarking on his journey as a successful Jim’s Group franchise owner, Brett Vidler had a rich and rewarding career in big-box retail. With an impressive 33 years of experience, he had worked his way up to regional manager and project manager, proving his dedication and expertise in the industry.

However, as life progressed and priorities evolved, Brett found himself yearning for a more fulfilling and balanced lifestyle. With a loving wife, three grown-up daughters, and two precious grandchildren, he realized the importance of cherishing precious moments with his family. The demanding nature of his corporate career left little room for quality time with his loved ones, and he longed for a change that would allow him to savor these precious moments.

The desire for better work-life balance and the freedom to create lasting memories with family became the driving force behind Brett’s decision to explore new career opportunities. He sought a path that would not only offer professional growth and financial success but also the flexibility and autonomy to set his own pace and make his family a priority.

It was during the challenging times of the COVID pandemic, while managing a supermarket amid the “toilet paper gate,” that Brett had a moment of reflection. The stress and constant challenges he faced in the retail environment made him reevaluate his career choices. He knew that there were better things in life than being consumed by the demands of a high-stress corporate job.

This turning point became the catalyst for Brett’s decision to embrace change and pursue a new path that aligned with his values and aspirations. His desire for a more rewarding and balanced life led him to explore various opportunities, eventually discovering the remarkable world of Jim’s Mowing franchise.

In the following sections of this blog post, we will explore how Brett Jim’s journey unfolded, the reasons behind his choice, and the remarkable results he achieved as a thriving franchise owner. His story serves as a testament to the empowering nature of the franchise model, offering individuals the chance to take control of their lives, achieve their dreams, and find personal and professional fulfillment.

The Turning Point – Why Brett Chose to Shift Careers

The turning point in Brett Vidler’s life came unexpectedly during the unprecedented times of the COVID pandemic. As he found himself managing a supermarket amidst the infamous “toilet paper gate,” he experienced a moment of profound realization. The relentless challenges and stress of the high-stress retail environment made him question the direction of his career.

During this reflective period, Brett contemplated the meaning and purpose of his work. He came to a profound understanding that there were better and more fulfilling things to do with his days than toiling away in a corporate setting that left him feeling unfulfilled and drained. The desire for more than just a paycheck began to emerge, and he yearned for a career that would bring joy, passion, and a sense of purpose.

It was then that Brett decided to take a leap of faith and explore alternative paths that would align with his newfound priorities. He sought a change that would provide him with more than just financial stability, but also the freedom and flexibility to lead a life he truly desired. This journey of self-discovery led him to consider the idea of becoming his own boss and embarking on a business venture that would bring personal fulfillment and professional growth.

As Brett delved deeper into the world of franchising, he discovered the remarkable opportunity presented by Jim’s Mowing. The prospect of setting his own pace, being in control of his schedule, and working in a practical, hands-on job was incredibly appealing. Moreover, the unparalleled support and reputation of Jim’s Mowing as the world’s largest gardening franchise reinforced his decision.

Brett’s turning point marked the beginning of an exciting and transformative journey. He found the courage to step away from the familiar corporate landscape and embrace the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. By choosing to shift his career, Brett opened the door to endless possibilities and the chance to build a thriving business on his terms.

In the next section of this blog post, we will delve deeper into Brett’s Jim’s journey, exploring why he specifically chose Jim’s Mowing, how he came to know about the franchise, and why he ultimately decided it was the perfect fit for his aspirations. His story serves as an inspiring example for those seeking a change in their professional lives, showcasing the potential and fulfillment that can be found in becoming a franchise owner with Jim’s.

Discovering Jim’s Mowing – The Attraction and Decision-Making Process

Having been in the retail industry for so long, Brett was familiar with various franchise models. He knew a couple of people in the industry and started considering the possibility of joining Jim’s Mowing. The company’s strong reputation, the vast network of franchisees, and the prospect of setting his own pace and working in a more hands-on, practical job were the major attractions.

Thriving as a Jim’s Franchisee – The Fruitful Results

With unwavering determination and a passion for excellence, Brett Vidler fully embraced his transition into the world of gardening and lawn care as a Jim’s Mowing franchisee. The onset of the COVID pandemic brought forth its challenges, including the need to adapt to online training. However, Brett’s practical mindset and dedication to outstanding customer service allowed him to not only navigate the adjustments seamlessly but to excel beyond expectations.

As a sole trader, Brett has built a flourishing business that serves an impressive roster of 115 regular clients. His commitment to delivering exceptional service, punctuality, and genuine care for his customers has earned him a loyal and satisfied clientele. With a perfect star rating, Brett has become a trusted and reliable go-to expert for all lawn care needs in his community.

One of the most significant advantages of being a Jim’s franchisee is the freedom and control it offers over one’s schedule. For Brett, this means achieving the much coveted work-life balance that was once just a dream. He now relishes the ability to spend precious moments with his family, cherishing every milestone, celebration, and ordinary day with his wife, three adult daughters, and two grandchildren.

The thriving success of Brett’s Jim’s Mowing franchise is a testament to the power of making bold career choices that align with one’s passions and priorities. By taking that leap of faith and joining Jim’s, Brett has not only found financial prosperity but, more importantly, personal fulfillment. The ability to cultivate his business, build meaningful relationships with clients, and create a life that truly brings joy has been the ultimate reward of his Jim’s journey.

Brett’s remarkable results highlight the potential that lies within the Jim’s franchise model. For aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a rewarding and flexible business venture, Jim’s Mowing offers a proven pathway to success. The comprehensive support system, reputable brand, and extensive network of franchisees provide an unparalleled foundation for growth and achievement.

In the next section, we will delve into the valuable advice Brett has for those considering becoming a franchisee and starting their own Jim’s journey. His insights and experiences can serve as a guiding light for individuals looking to embrace change, discover their true passions, and pave the way for a future filled with success and fulfillment.


Brett Vidler’s journey from a seasoned big box retail manager to a successful Jim’s Mowing franchise owner showcases the power of making bold career shifts to pursue personal fulfillment and work-life balance. 

By choosing Jim’s Mowing, Brett found the freedom to build a thriving business while cherishing precious moments with his loved ones. 

His story serves as an inspiration to those seeking a change in their professional lives and highlights the vast opportunities offered by the Jim’s franchise model.

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