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Christmas Gift Ideas for Mum

’Tis the season to start thinking about 2021 Christmas gifting!

What are you going to get your beloved mum this Christmas?

It should be something thoughtful, something really useful and something to let her know just how special she is to you.

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Your mum is the best mum – after all, she’s yours! And with Christmas 2021 around the corner, you might be (yet again) stuck for ideas for the perfect Christmas gift.

Think about it – does she really need another scarf or bottle of perfume?

Instead of crowding her shelves and cupboards with more stuff this year, think outside the box.

Get your mum something that she would never think to get for herself, but something that you know will make her life much easier.

Here’s our list of Christmas gift ideas for mum that she will really appreciate.

Arrange for a car cleaning and detailing service

It’s a luxury she might never buy for herself, but treating our loved ones is what Christmas gifts are all about, right?

If your mum is busy with work, hobbies and family, the last thing on her mind is cleaning her car.

So, why not give mum the gift of a sparklingly clean vehicle?

While mum is busy working from home or putting her feet up with a book and hot cup of tea, you could have someone come to her house and detail her car!

For as little as $99, Jim’s Car Detailing can:

  • Hand wash the car’s exterior;
  • Spray coat;
  • Vacuum and deodorise the interior;
  • Steam clean and sanitise the seats;
  • Clean out the door jambs;
  • Dust the interior;
  • Clean the windows inside and out to a streak-free shine; and
  • Scrub and dress the tyres.

You could choose this service as a one-off, but if you pool your resources with some siblings, you could all pitch in to get Mum’s car cleaned and detailed regularly for a whole year!

Wouldn’t your mum love to drive around in a car that’s always clean and shining?

Arrange for farm fresh produce to be delivered right to her door!

While there’s nothing nicer than farm-fresh veggies, there’s no denying that going out and getting them and lugging them home in heavy bags is a chore.

Is your mum an enthusiastic cook who enjoys fresh healthy local produce?

Does she love supporting small local businesses?

Then look no further for the perfect Christmas gift for your mum.

Jim’s Home Fresh Deliveries seeks out fresh local produce from small Victorian farms and will deliver the goods right to her door.

You can choose from a huge range of options including fruit and veggies, meat and seafood or even dairy and bread.

You can either curate the contents of the box to specifically suit her tastes, or maybe your mum would enjoy a surprise with handpicked seasonal produce.

Let us pick the items for mum in our regular value box.

Keep her lawn trimmed

Whose mum really looks forward to lawn mowing duties? Nobody’s? We didn’t think so.

Your mum’s spare time is precious, so why should she waste it on menial, unsatisfying gardening chores?

Even if she is a garden lover, her time is much better spent planting new cuttings and tending to the succulent bed.

This Christmas give your mum a gift that she’ll really appreciate when you book her home in for regular lawn maintenance.

The good news is that when you book a regular lawn service with Jim’s Mowing, you will be offered a significant discount – just for being a regular customer!

However, not everyone is a green thumb who loves gardening.

If your mum isn’t a hobby gardener, you might prefer to get her a gardening service as a Christmas gift.

Gardening can be physically demanding particularly over the summer months when it’s hot and weeds really take off.

By giving your mum the gift of regular garden maintenance, you’re giving your mum a well-deserved rest and allowing her to reclaim some time for herself.

Jim’s Mowing offers a range of services from mowing and garden maintenance, to lawn care, landscaping and even gutter cleaning and rubbish removal.

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The best Christmas gift for your mum

It’s never too early to start looking for the perfect Christmas gift idea for your mum, especially if she’s the kind of person who can be difficult to buy for or who always tells you that she doesn’t want anything.

Don’t let December sneak up on you and leave you panic buying useless gifts on Christmas eve.

The best gifts for mums are the ones that make her feel special and understood, the kind of gifts that she probably wouldn’t buy for herself.

To find the perfect Christmas present for your mum, figure out what would make her life a little bit more enjoyable or a little bit easier.

Pay attention and get creative – it can make all the difference!

Jim’s Group offers a range of local services from gardening, to car detailing and personal training Australia-wide, while fresh produce box deliveries are available to Melbourne customers.

To get a quote on any of the services from Jim’s Car Detailing, Jim’s Home Fresh Deliveries or Jim’s Mowing, contact Jim’s Group today on 13 15 46.