Cultivating Success with a Quality Brand: Michael Carkeet's Flourishing Path with Jim's Mowing

Cultivating Success with a Quality Brand: Michael Carkeet’s Flourishing Path with Jim’s Mowing


In a world where people are always seeking meaningful careers, Michael Carkeet’s story is one of triumph and fulfillment.

As a Jim’s Mowing franchise owner, he has nurtured not only lawns but also a thriving business that speaks to his passions. In this insightful chat with Jim’s Group, Michael talks about his transition from various professions to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

His journey sheds light on the fulfilling opportunities that Jim’s Mowing offers and the importance of being customer-focused.


The Michael Carkeet Before the Lawnmower: A Man with Many Talents

Michael Carkeet, a friendly guy hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand, has tried his hand at quite a few things before settling into lawn care. Let’s dig a little deeper into his story.


Finding His Feet in Various Fields

Before Michael became the lawn care pro we know today, he was an ambitious young man exploring different careers. He started his professional journey in the United Kingdom, where he spent a whopping 14 years working for the Royal Mail.

In this role, he rubbed shoulders with all sorts of people and learned the ins and outs of sales and marketing. He was pretty good at it, too.

After his time with the Royal Mail, Michael took a sharp turn and started his own driving school back in New Zealand. As you can imagine, this was a completely different ballgame. But his ability to adapt and his natural talent for working with people made this venture a success as well.


Yearning for More

But something was still missing. Michael had a longing for something else – something that would not only pay the bills but also fill his heart with joy.

He had the itch to build a business that truly resonated with who he was and what he stood for.

At this point, he started looking at various business opportunities. He knew he wanted a business where he could work outside, be his own boss, and really make a difference in people’s lives. The options were many, but nothing seemed to tick all the boxes.


When Lawns Caught His Attention

One fine day, as Michael was sifting through different franchise opportunities, he stumbled upon Jim’s Mowing. Initially, it was the simple idea of working outdoors that caught his attention. But as he looked closer, he began to see that this franchise might be the answer he was searching for.

Before we dive into how Michael turned mowing lawns into a booming business, let’s take a moment to appreciate the journey.  From sales and marketing to running a driving school, and eventually finding his true calling in lawn care, Michael’s path was varied and rich with experiences.

For those considering a career change or looking to start a business, Michael’s early career is a reminder that it’s okay to try different things. Sometimes you need to wear a few different hats before you find the one that fits just right.

In the next section, we’ll find out how Michael’s drive for change led him to mow down the path with Jim’s, turning green grass into gold.


The Drive to Change Paths: How Michael’s Thirst for Independence & Service Led Him to Jim’s Mowing

When we talk about starting a business or buying a franchise, one can’t stress enough the importance of passion and alignment with personal values.

In Michael’s case, these elements played a huge role in his decision to take a leap into a new career path. Let’s explore how this drive shaped his journey.


Independence as a Driving Force

Being an entrepreneur at heart, Michael cherished the thought of independence. He yearned for a business where he could call the shots, decide his schedule, and not be bound by the constraints of a traditional 9-to-5 job.

For someone who’s already dabbled in running a driving school, this was a natural inclination.


A Heart to Serve Others

But, it wasn’t just about flexibility and freedom. At the core of Michael’s entrepreneurial spirit was a genuine desire to serve people and make a positive impact on their lives.

This was evident from his past experience in sales and marketing, where building relationships with customers was key. He wanted his next venture to reflect this heart for service.


Searching for the Perfect Fit

So, here was Michael – with a dream of independence and a heart full of passion for serving others. He knew he needed a business that could marry these two elements. But where to look?

This is where the value of franchise opportunities with Jim’s Group comes into play. For aspiring entrepreneurs, franchises can be a goldmine because they offer the chance to own a business without starting from scratch.

They come with a proven business model, brand recognition, and support in various aspects of the business.

Michael started pouring over various franchise opportunities, weighing the pros and cons, and trying to find that perfect fit.

His checklist was clear – a business that allowed freedom, had a positive impact on customers, and aligned with his values. All the boxes were ticked with Jim’s Mowing.


Jim’s Mowing: The Answer to His Quest

As fate would have it, Michael stumbled upon Jim’s Mowing.

On the surface, it seemed like a simple lawn care service. But as he peeled back the layers, he found that it was so much more. It was a chance to work outdoors, be his own boss, and serve customers by making their outdoor spaces beautiful.

The more he learned about Jim’s Mowing, the more it resonated with everything he was looking for.

For those who dream of owning a business, Michael’s story is an inspiration. It shows that with determination, a clear vision of what you want, and the willingness to explore different avenues like franchising, you can find the perfect match for your entrepreneurial ambitions.

Mowing Down the Path with Jim’s

When Michael first came across Jim’s Mowing, he was intrigued. The brand represented many of the values he held dear, particularly the emphasis on customer focus.

He decided to speak to the franchisor to understand what Jim’s Mowing was all about and how it could fulfill his aspirations.

What attracted him the most to Jim’s Mowing was the brand’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

He read the book by Jim Penman and realized that he shared Jim’s vision of being customer-focused. The franchise had an established brand, with systems and structures in place to support both franchisees and customers.

This alignment of values and the promise of a supportive network convinced Michael that Jim’s Mowing was the perfect fit for him.

Now, with 14 years of running his Jim’s Mowing franchise, Michael provides regular lawn mowing, one-off mowing, edging around lawns, and hedge trimming services.

He relishes the freedom to work his hours and feels deeply passionate about delivering excellent service to his customers.


Harvesting the Fruits of Dedication

Michael Carkeet’s decision to become a Jim’s Mowing franchise owner has proven to be profoundly rewarding. Not only has he built a successful business, but he has also formed lasting relationships with his customers.

The key, he shares, has been to focus on the customer. By providing quality services and having open communication, he has ensured that his customers are satisfied.

He credits the Jim’s Mowing brand and the support from the franchisor for a great deal of his success.

From the technical aspects of mowing and trimming to customer service training, the franchise has been there to provide the necessary support.

Moreover, Michael emphasizes that aligning with a quality brand like Jim’s Mowing has also been a crucial factor. The brand’s commitment to excellence resonates with customers, and that has played a significant role in keeping the work coming in.

In addition to business success, Michael finds joy in the personal freedom and flexibility that running a Jim’s Mowing franchise affords him.

With Jim’s Mowing, Michael’s typical week involves working hours that allow him to avoid rush hour traffic and, while he works on Saturdays, he is happy to do so because he loves what he does.



Michael Carkeet’s journey with Jim’s Mowing is a testament to the fulfillment that comes from aligning one’s career with personal values and passions.

His dedication to customer satisfaction and quality service has not only contributed to his success but also solidified the positive reputation of Jim’s Mowing.

Whether you’re considering a career shift or seeking to make a positive impact in your community, taking a leaf from Michael’s book might just lead you down a path of fulfillment and success.



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