Franchising FAQs

Looking for a new challenge? Still have some questions? Here’s Jim answering some FAQs about franchising and Jim’s.

Why should I join a franchise over starting my own business?

The simple fact is that you are more likely to succeed under a franchise model. 90 – 95% of cleaning and gardening businesses fail within the first year, whereas within Jim’s that stat drops down to 11%. At Jim’s, we provide everything needed for you to hit the ground running, starting with our three-day generic training course located at Jim’s Group HQ in Mooroolbark, where you will also get the opportunity to meet Jim himself.

What does my investment get me?

When buying a Jim’s franchise, you’ll receive all the necessary training, equipment, tools, and support to set up your business. If you are buying an existing business, you’ll have a large client base to hit the ground running. If however, you are starting a new business, Jim’s provides a “pay for work guarantee” for all Franchisees (typically $1500 per week), in which franchisors will pay franchisees for performing work and tasks for free. By carrying out these tasks, franchisees are able to rapidly build their business.

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Is Jim’s truly a lifestyle business?

We all strive to strike the perfect work life balance, but this is not always possible in many industries. Fortunately, at Jim’s franchisees have the freedom and opportunity to work the hours they want, when they want, whilst also growing and developing their business.

If you’ve been contemplating joing Jim’s, find out whether it’s right for you! Give us a call on 131 546 to organize a trial day with a local franchisee in your area. This will give you hands on experience and a wonderful insight into whether Jim’s is right for you. If you have more questions, tune into #ASKJIM 7PM Wednesdays at the Jim’s Group Facebook where you can ask Jim anything you like!