From Corporate to Greens: Embracing a Rewarding Journey with Jim’s Mowing


In an era where the ‘traditional’ career path is rapidly evolving, one man’s journey from a corporate job to running his own franchise with Jim’s Mowing showcases the potential benefits of such a transition. This tale of Craig Wood, former corporate professional turned successful franchisee, offers an insight into the potential benefits of embracing change and seeking a more fulfilling and flexible career.


Craig Wood: The Journey Before Jim’s Mowing

Before his life-changing career switch with Jim’s Group, Craig Wood found himself deeply entrenched in the corporate sector. With a successful career spanning nearly three decades, he climbed the corporate ladder, assuming crucial roles in the printing and public relations industries.

As he navigated through his roles in middle management and team leadership, he gathered a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the corporate world.

Despite his accomplishments, however, Craig often felt something was missing. His successful career wasn’t bringing him the satisfaction he yearned for. While his corporate job provided a steady paycheck, the rigid structure and lack of autonomy left him feeling boxed in.

The days were long, the work was stressful, and the constant pressures of the job began to affect his work-life balance.

Over time, he found himself questioning his career path. He felt the urge to explore new avenues that could offer more than just a secure paycheck. He wanted a role that would provide flexibility and control over his time.

More importantly, he was seeking a fulfilling and rewarding career where he could be his own boss.

A family man at heart, Craig also found it increasingly difficult to balance his corporate life with his personal responsibilities. He often found himself missing out on quality time with his family due to work commitments. This added to the growing dissatisfaction he was feeling, leading him to consider other career options. He wanted a career that not only satisfied his professional aspirations but also allowed him to spend valuable time with his loved ones.

As he weighed his options, the idea of buying a franchise and starting his own business began to take shape. With the prospect of becoming his own boss and having greater control over his time, he started exploring opportunities in the franchising sector.

He knew that making this shift would be a significant decision – one that would change his life and career forever. But the potential benefits far outweighed the risks. The possibility of having a healthier work-life balance, financial freedom, and a fulfilling career led him to take the bold step toward becoming a franchise owner.


The Wake-Up Call: Why Craig Wood Decided to Leave His Corporate Job

As the years rolled by, Craig found himself increasingly disillusioned with his corporate job. Despite a successful career that many would aspire to, he was confronted with the harsh realities of a demanding corporate lifestyle.

The endless cycle of early mornings, late nights, and high-pressure deadlines began to weigh heavy on him. The constant juggle between professional commitments and personal life was proving to be more challenging than he had initially thought.

The impact of the demanding corporate world didn’t just reflect in Craig’s mental health but also took a physical toll. He found himself gaining weight, struggling with increased stress levels, and living a sedentary lifestyle, all side effects of his busy work schedule. His overall health began to deteriorate, raising alarm bells about his lifestyle choices. This was a wake-up call for Craig, signaling the need for a drastic lifestyle change.

Additionally, Craig found himself yearning for more professional autonomy. He wanted the flexibility to make decisions and steer his career in a direction that aligned with his personal life and values. Being tied to the rigid structure and rules of a corporate job was proving to be stifling for his growth.

These mounting frustrations acted as the catalyst for change. He began contemplating a career move that would not only satisfy his professional aspirations but also help improve his overall well-being. This is when the idea of owning a franchise began to take root in his mind.

Craig saw owning a franchise as a chance to rewrite his professional story. He could see the opportunity to create a better work-life balance, enjoy professional autonomy, and even restore his health.

In the world of franchising, he saw a potential escape from the endless corporate grind, one that offered financial success and personal fulfillment.

In taking this step, Craig was not just chasing financial success but a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. His journey shows us that it is possible to reassess our career choices, prioritize our health, and take steps toward a more fulfilling professional life. His decision to leave his corporate job behind to buy a franchise is a testament to the idea that it is never too late to pursue a career that truly resonates with us.


Setting Course for Jim’s: Craig’s Introduction to the World of Franchising

In the midst of his career crisis, Craig started exploring different options, looking for something that would offer him the autonomy and lifestyle he craved. He was searching for a business that would not only allow him to take charge of his financial future but also provide an opportunity to pursue his passion for gardening.

That’s when he stumbled upon Jim’s Mowing. Renowned as the world’s largest gardening franchise, Jim’s Mowing seemed like a beacon of opportunity for Craig.

The idea of working outdoors, in the company of nature, was appealing. It promised not just a departure from the confines of an office but also a chance to improve his physical and mental health.

Craig took the time to research and understand what it meant to be part of a franchise. He was particularly attracted to the autonomy that Jim’s Mowing franchisees enjoyed – the ability to be their own bosses, make independent decisions and shape their business according to personal preferences.

Craig was also impressed by the support system provided by Jim’s Mowing. As a franchisee, he would have access to a proven business model, ongoing training, and a dedicated team for assistance.

These factors would significantly reduce the risks typically associated with starting a new business, providing him with a safety net as he embarked on this new venture.

In August 2021, Craig took the plunge and became a Jim’s Mowing franchise owner, taking over operations in Sebastopol and the surrounding regions of Ballarat. He was excited about this new chapter in his professional life, seeing it as an opportunity to rewrite his career narrative. He saw a path that could lead him toward the autonomy, financial stability, and healthier lifestyle he had been craving.


Reaping the Rewards: Life After Joining Jim’s Mowing

Joining Jim’s Mowing turned out to be a pivotal decision in Craig’s life, yielding transformative changes both personally and professionally. One of the most immediate and noticeable outcomes was the increase in his income.

Owning a Jim’s Mowing franchise allowed him to leverage the power of a well-established brand and a proven business model, resulting in a significant boost in turnover and profits.

However, the benefits of Craig’s transition extend far beyond just financial rewards. For one, he managed to attain the autonomy and flexibility he had long sought. Instead of being restricted by a 9-to-5 schedule, Craig found himself in control of his time.

He was able to plan his work hours around his personal commitments, gaining a balance between work and life that had eluded him during his corporate career.

In addition, Craig’s choice to leave the corporate world for Jim’s Mowing had a profound impact on his health. His new role involved working outdoors and engaging in physical labor. This shift in his work environment and routine resulted in significant weight loss. He also saw improvements in his blood pressure and cholesterol levels – health concerns that had previously worried him.

The physical activity, combined with the joy of working in an environment he loves, also had a positive impact on his mental well-being.

Craig’s new role as a franchise owner has given him a sense of fulfillment and purpose that was missing in his corporate career. Each day brings with it the opportunity to engage with clients, solve problems, and see the tangible results of his hard work. As the face of his business, he enjoys a direct relationship with his clients, which allows him to offer personalized service and create meaningful connections with the community.



Craig Wood’s journey from the corporate world to Jim’s Mowing franchise ownership is a compelling testament to the transformative power of a career shift. His tale offers not just motivation but also practical insights for those considering a similar change.

With a balance of financial success and personal well-being, Craig’s experience underscores the tremendous potential that comes with joining a franchise like Jim’s Mowing. The rewards extend beyond financial gains to include a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.


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