How can I make my garden look better during winter?

When the temperature drops, it’s easy to lose inspiration when it comes to gardening. But there’s no reason why your garden has to suffer just because it’s cold outside. There are plenty of small changes you can make to your garden to brighten up the dreary days ahead. Here are some of our best winter garden landscaping ideas for 2022:

Plant some winter garden plants

Although most garden varieties don’t grow during winter, there are still lots of flowering plants out there that can and do thrive in cooler temperatures. Planting some winter garden varieties at the beginning of winter will ensure that you’ll have a stunning array of colours to look at no matter the season. Some of our top picks for winter include:

  • Winter rose–These plants do well in the cold, especially underneath the shade of overhead trees.
  • Hardenbergia–This variety thrives in a sunny or semi-shaded environment and can tolerate some frost, which makes it a great variety to work with during the cooler seasons.
  • Violas–Violas grow well throughout the winter and will flower for a long period of time, so we recommend planting them in your garden during autumn or winter to get the most of their flowering period during the season.
  • Poppies–Planting poppies during autumn or early winter will mean that they’ll flower during the winter months and add a beautiful vibrant hue into your backyard.

It’s important to remember that we have diverse climates across Australia and New Zealand, so it’s always a good idea to speak to your local gardener or your local nursery about what will work best for your climate. This is also a great way to get region-specific or native recommendations! 

Weed regularly

Winter weeds are notoriously annoying to deal with. Weeds such as winter grass, bindii, clovers, and creeping oxalis are all extremely common. Even though weeding might be the last thing you want to do a cold winter’s day, it’s something that really should be prioritised. Weed seeds are typically the first things to germinate in a garden once the warmer weather arrives in August and September, so it’s important to address all weed issues now to prevent a massive mess in spring. Trust us, weed control makes all the difference to how a garden looks throughout the year.

If weeding isn’t something you have time for, you can always call in a professional gardening service to do the job for you. They may also be able to do the job more thoroughly which can help to keep your outdoor spaces looking better for a longer period of time.

Install new garden edging

Garden growth naturally slows down during the cooler months, so winter is actually an excellent time to install some new garden edging. Garden edging is one of the least expensive landscaping materials and installing new edging is one of the cheapest ways to improve the look of your garden over the winter months.

By installing garden edging, you’ll keep weeds out of your garden beds and create a clearer boundary between your garden beds and your lawn. And with lots of different options to choose from, it can even add some flair to your garden at a time when growth is slow!

Plan a landscaping project

We often get asked if winter is a good time to landscape. Although landscaping projects are typically carried out during the warmer months, with the right planning, skills, and equipment, you can definitely execute a landscaping project during winter. Top landscapers work all year round, and hiring a landscaper during winter may mean that you’re met with shorter lead times and off-season prices. Additionally, it means that your garden will be finished by the time you actually want to use it during spring and summer.

If you don’t feel quite ready to take out your garden landscaping supplies from the shed, it doesn’t mean that you can’t begin planning your garden layout during the off-season. Winter is actually one of the best times to begin planning your garden because it means that you’ll likely have access to better prices and better deals from suppliers, and also because it means that you don’t have to rush the process. Additionally, since growth is slower during the cooler seasons, it means that you can visualise your outdoor space as a blank canvas and plan a design that is perfectly suited to the natural space.

If you’re looking for some advice on how to spruce up your garden this winter, or how to begin executing your landscaping ideas in time for spring, get in contact with us at Jim’s Mowing today. With thousands of plant and garden experts working across Australia and New Zealand, we can provide you with expert and regional-specific advice on all things gardening. Get in touch with Jim’s Group today on 131 546 (Australia) or 0800 454 654 (New Zealand) to learn more.

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