How do I start a pressure washing or window cleaning business?

As Australians get busier and busier, consumer demand for window cleaning and pressure washing services have skyrocketed. This year, the market size of the commercial cleaning sector in Australia has been estimated at a whopping $13.2 billion! 

Pressure washing and window cleaning are both highly sought-after niche services within the commercial cleaning industry. So, if you’re looking to launch a business in a high-growth area, starting either a pressure washing or window cleaning business could be an excellent option to consider. 

Is it worth starting a pressure washing or window cleaning business?

Starting a pressure washing business in Australia can be a highly rewarding and profitable endeavour. The same goes for starting a window cleaning business. Both services are in high demand and come with relatively low start up costs. Additionally, they’re highly scalable businesses that have huge growth potential. 

When you start a pressure washing or window cleaning business, you can determine the scale at which you’d like your business to operate. The great thing about pressure washing and window cleaning services is that they attract both residential and commercial clients. Everyone from individual homeowners to large building management corporations require pressure washing and window cleaning services from time to time, so you have a large client base to draw from. This presents boundless opportunities for you to grow and scale your business to significant scopes. 

You can very easily run a successful pressure washing or window cleaning business as a one-person show, working largely with individual homeowners and small businesses. Or, you can also choose to hire employees and pursue large contracts with commercial clients – the world is your oyster! So, if you’re looking for a high-growth, recession-proof business to start in 2022, starting a pressure washing or window cleaning business is definitely worth the time. 

Are pressure washing and window cleaning businesses a good investment?

Pressure washing and window cleaning businesses are surprisingly lucrative. A well-run pressure washing or window cleaning business can easily take in hundreds of dollars, if not thousands of dollars a day in sales, with very minimal ongoing overhead. 

Pressure washing businesses, for example, have very favourable pricing structures. According to Hipages, pressure washing services in Australia are usually priced as follows:

  • $150 for 1-30 square metres
  • $180 for 40 square metres
  • $200 for 50 square metres
  • $325 for 100 square metres

Pressure washing business income varies greatly depending on the business. However, due to their favourable pricing structures and low overheads, pressure washing businesses are great investments that offer excellent returns for those who run their businesses efficiently.

The same can be said for window cleaning businesses, which can also be highly profitable endeavours. Again, window washing business income varies depending on the business, but they are generally excellent investments that require minimal starting capital. It’s very possible to make hundreds of dollars a day in sales with a window cleaning business, and here’s why: In Australia, standard window cleaning for a residential property can cost anywhere between $120 to $250, whilst window cleaning at height costs around $330 to $450 (depending on the size and complexity of the job). Since window cleaning businesses operate with very little overheads, all you need to do to turn a profit is to secure a few jobs each day. So, with some hard work and some savvy business moves, it’s very possible to build a six-figure business around window cleaning.

At Jim’s Group, we acknowledge that getting your footing as a new business owner can be tough, which is why we offer our franchisees a minimum weekly guarantee of $1,500 as security. You might be surprised to learn that the vast majority of our franchisees never need to fall back on this guarantee as most of our small business owners end up making more than that amount from the very beginning. Many of our cleaning franchise owners have built highly profitable businesses – some with multiple employees – so there’s no limit as to how far you’d like to take your business. 

Start-up costs for pressure washing and window cleaning businesses

Pressure washing and window cleaning businesses often have similar startup costs, given that they’re both mobile businesses by nature. When starting up a pressure washing or window cleaning business, your startup costs will be directed towards marketing, acquiring equipment, and building up a customer base. 

At Jim’s, our goal is to keep our startup costs as low as possible so that purchasing a franchise remains accessible. When you purchase a Jim’s Pressure Washing or Jim’s Window Cleaning franchise business, we’ll help you throughout the entire set up process. Our franchise startup kits include:

  • A comprehensive operations manual and startup guide
  • Supplier catalogues and price lists
  • Branded uniforms
  • Access to leads from our national call centre
  • Access to discounted mobile phone plans and insurance
  • Comprehensive induction training and on-the-job training
  • The right to trade and operate under a nationally recognised brand

In addition to this, our franchisors can help you to acquire the highest quality pressure washing and window cleaning equipment at the lowest industry rates. By setting your business up with state-of-the-art equipment and systems, you’ll be setting yourself up for success from day one.

Window and pressure cleaning businesses for sale

If you’d like to join Australia’s largest franchising family, get in touch with us at Jim’s Cleaning Group today. We receive more leads than we can service, so we’re always on the lookout for more motivated people to join our growing family. 

At Jim’s Cleaning Group, we have window cleaning and pressure cleaning businesses for sale Australia-wide. Call 131 546 or enquire online today to speak to a franchisor about franchising opportunities in your area.