How to change a tyre?

Facing a flat tire can halt any journey in its tracks. Yet, with expert guidance, turning this challenge into a mere pitstop is achievable. John from Jim’s Mobile Tyres shares his expertise in swiftly and safely changing a spare wheel using basic tools. With a staggering number of drivers experiencing tire troubles annually, his insights become invaluable. Dive into this guide, and equip yourself with skills that could save your day on the road.

Understanding Your Vehicle’s Jack and Its Proper Usage

Every vehicle comes with its own first-aid toolkit, and at the heart of this kit is the standard scissor lift jack. Familiarizing yourself with this tool is paramount. A prevalent oversight by many, especially first-timers, is misplacing the jack during the setup. 

To avoid this, always ensure the broad flat base is in direct contact with the ground, providing maximum stability. The upper section, featuring a distinct cutout, is meticulously designed to latch onto a ‘fin’-shaped structure beneath your car. 

This precise fitment not only ensures your car is elevated securely but also minimizes risks while changing tires. As shared by John from Jim’s Group, knowing these nuances can make the difference between a smooth tire change and potential complications.

Pre-Jacking Preparations: The Crucial First Steps

According to John from Jim’s Mobile Tyres, before lifting your vehicle into the air, there are pivotal initial steps to ensure a hassle-free tire change. One of the most common pitfalls drivers face is struggling with the wheel nuts while the tire is suspended. 

To sidestep this issue, slightly loosen these nuts before elevating your car. Holding the wrench at a slight angle, apply gentle pressure, and turn the nuts counter-clockwise. Remember, the goal isn’t to remove them entirely at this stage, but merely to break the initial tightness. 

By preemptively addressing this, you save yourself from potential complications later and ensure a smoother, more efficient tire replacement.

Elevating Your Car: Steps for Safe Lifting

The process of lifting a vehicle can be difficult, but with the right approach, it’s straightforward and secure. Begin by placing the winder on the jack’s slot, turning it clockwise. Remember, the aim isn’t to set a height record but merely to elevate the tire a few inches off the ground. 

This ensures that the change is both manageable and safe. Stability is crucial in this phase. Without the support of professional tools like a jack stand, the car’s balance becomes paramount. 

To maintain this, ensure the surrounding area is free from bystanders or potential disturbances. A stationary environment minimizes the risk of sudden movements, ensuring a hassle-free tire change.

The Proper Technique for Tyre Replacement

Often, when a wheel hasn’t been changed for some time, it can become slightly adhered to the hub due to factors like rust or corrosion. Don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t immediately budge. A soft, yet firm push or tap will usually do the trick, breaking that minimal hold. 

When it’s time to lift and position the spare tire, it’s crucial to remember body mechanics. Relying on your legs and hips reduces strain on the back, making the process safer and more efficient. 

Begin by hand-threading the wheel nuts to ensure proper alignment. This helps prevent potential cross-threading, a common issue many face. After the tyre is in place and the vehicle lowered, a final tightening with a wrench is essential. It’s not just about ensuring the wheel stays on, but about guaranteeing a smooth and safe ride ahead.


Replacing a spare tire doesn’t have to be a challenging task. 

With the right technique and precautions, as shared by John from Jim’s Mobile Tyres, you’ll be well-equipped to handle this challenge. 

Always remember, while this guide aids in emergencies, it’s crucial to visit a tire shop afterward to ensure everything’s in top shape. 

Safe travels!

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