How to start a Jim’s Car Detailing franchise

For many of us, cars are an essential part of our lives. Without them, everyday tasks like school drop offs, supermarket trips, and going to work would become exponentially harder.

Car ownership is at an all-time high in Australia. In fact, we’re one of the top 10 countries in the world with the highest levels of car ownership! It makes sense, then, that our car wash and detailing service industry is also booming. With a market size of $493 million, it’s safe to say that the car detailing industry is one of the most lucrative industries for small business owners to make a start in.

Is car detailing a good business?

Many of the people who start car detailing businesses already have an interest in cars. After all, running a car detailing business offers plenty of opportunities to deal with all sorts of cars on a regular basis. For people who have a passion for cars and a passion for business, owning a car detailing business is the perfect way for them to combine their interests in a single, lucrative venture.

Car detailing is a fantastic business opportunity because it usually requires little upfront investment and training. Unlike other sectors that may require high levels of investment and a number of qualifications, car detailing is much more accessible for a wider range of people.

As car ownership continues to increase across the board, the demand for professional car detailing services has never been greater. Other factors driving steady demand for these services include:

  • Environmental concerns – Washing your car at home is inefficient and wastes a lot of water. As more people become concerned about waste, car detailing services meet a market demand for efficient, environmentally conscious car cleaning services.
  • Lifestyle needs – For many people, life after lockdown has left them busier than ever. Car detailing can be a highly time consuming task, which is why more and more people are relying on professional services to do these tasks for them.

How do you become a professional car detailer?

Unlike other industries, you don’t need any specific qualifications to become a professional car detailer. However, there are training courses and programs out there that you can register for if you wish to do so.

Although formal qualifications aren’t necessary or essential, having a working knowledge of cars and a passion for excellent customer service is absolutely essential. As a professional car detailer, your clients will be trusting you with their valuable possessions, so it’s important to treat the vehicle as if it were your own.

Once you’ve decided that you want to become a professional car detailer, you can either try and find employment in another business or start your own. As natural advocates for small businesses, we would always recommend looking into starting your own business rather than working for someone else. Owning and running your own car detailing business means that you’ll be in control of the direction of your business and you’ll also be able to reap more of the rewards from the effort you put in. Rather than working for a wage or a salary, you can take your own business as far as you want it to go.

How do I start a successful car detailing business?

Becoming successful in business doesn’t happen overnight. At Jim’s Car Detailing, our successful business owners are the ones who have put in the work consistently and constantly.

Starting a small business and finding success as a small business is one of the most notoriously difficult things to achieve. That’s why at Jim’s Car Detailing, we try to make this process as easy and accessible as possible. We provide our oncoming Jim’s Car Detailing franchise owners with everything they need to start their business off on the right foot, including hands-on business training, hands-on car detailing training, high quality equipment, and more.

The ongoing training and support we provide to our franchisees means that they’re positioned for success from day one. Hear from Prashant, one of our Jim’s Car Detailing franchisees, as he takes us through his training experience with Jim’s.


How much does it cost to start a car detailing business?

Car detailing businesses can be one of the most cost-effective businesses to set up. How much it will ultimately cost, however, will depend on various considerations. One of the biggest questions you’ll need to ask yourself before starting your business is whether you’d like to operate out of a shop or if you’d like to operate as a mobile business. The answer to this question will play a huge role in determining your upfront costs.

Running a mobile car detailing business is the most cost-effective and efficient model out there. Operating your business out of your vehicle means that you don’t have to spend loads of money covering rent and staffing costs, as well as other ongoing costs. It’s a great way to get your start in the small business world without having to put your entire life’s savings on the line.

The costs of acquiring a Jim’s Car Detailing business varies depending on several factors.

When franchises are put up for sale, they are priced according to several considerations. As such, the cost of a car detailing franchise will vary depending on location and whether it’s a brand new business or an established business.

At Jim’s Car Detailing, we have franchises available for sale across Victoria. For a limited time, we’re also offering Interest Free Finance on 50% of your investment. If you’re curious to chat to someone over the phone about any of these opportunities, feel free to give us a call on 131 546.

What tools do I need to start a car detailing business?

Car detailing businesses are relatively easy to start up compared to some other businesses. However, you will need to invest in quality equipment and quality tools to ensure that you’re providing the best service to your customers. Car detailing requires so much more than a bucket and some soap. Having access to the best quality suite of tools and products will be the thing that distinguishes you from competitors.


Once again, the equipment you’ll need will vary depending on whether you’re operating out of a shopfront or if you’re operating out of a mobile vehicle. However, some common tools that you’ll need to purchase if you want to start a car detailing business include:

  • Air compressors
  • Brushes and sponges
  • Detailing towels
  • Steam cleaner


When you start a car detailing business with Jim’s, we provide you with a complete business package that includes all the tools you need to get your business started properly. Your investment of a franchise includes:

  • Commercial equipment and chemicals
  • Vehicle wrap signage
  • Stationery and promotional items
  • Uniform and safety pack
  • Business and sales training
  • Hands-on car detailing training
  • Business registration
  • Access to Jim’s Group supplier discounts
  • Access to Jim’s Group leads from day one

Is a car detailing business profitable?

With over 20.1 million registered motor vehicles in Australia, it’s safe to say that there are plenty of cars that need detailing. That’s why starting a car detailing business has every reason to be a highly profitable and rewarding business endeavour.

A lack of cash flow in the early years contributes to the downfall of many small businesses. That’s why at Jim’s Car Detailing, we offer our franchisees a minimum weekly guarantee of $2,000 as security. However, with plenty of work to go around, the vast majority of our franchisees earn far more than that. In fact, our team turns away hundreds of detailing jobs every single month simply because we don’t have enough franchisees on hand to cover the workload!

As car ownership continues to soar across Australia, now is as good a time as ever to start a business in the industry. If you’re passionate about cars and passionate about customer service, starting a car detailing business may be the perfect opportunity for you. To learn more about franchise opportunities at Jim’s Car Detailing, contact us on 131 546 or enquire online today.

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