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How to start a pest control business

The Australian pest control industry is a billion dollar industry (literally!). As of 2022, our pest control services industry has a market size of $1.3 billion.

The pest control services industry is expected to grow by 3% this year, so if you’re looking for a high-growth business opportunity to pursue in 2022, this could be the one for you. So, what are some of the first steps you should take if you’re thinking of starting a pest control business this year?

Do I need a licence to start a pest control business?

The exact licensing requirements for pest control technicians vary state by state, however, you will likely need some sort of individual licence and/or qualification to work as a pest controller in Australia. The only state/territory that does not require pest controllers to obtain an individual licence is the ACT. All other states require pest control technicians to obtain a licence before they can begin providing pest control services to domestic and commercial clients. 

One of the benefits of starting a pest control business with Jim’s Termite & Pest Control is that we make obtaining a licence and qualification a simple and streamlined process. At Jim’s Pest Control, we organise third party pest control training and licensing for all our new, unlicensed franchise owners. On top of that, we also equip all new pest control franchisees with comprehensive, on-the-job training. Our guidance and supervision means that you don’t have to spend your valuable time and energy sifting through all the different pieces of information out there regarding licensing and training requirements. That way, you can spend more time setting up your business and getting it off the ground. 

What equipment do I need to start a pest control business?

Having access to quality equipment is essential to providing high-quality and efficient pest control services to clients. The range of equipment you’ll need to start a pest control business will depend on the services you’re planning on providing to your clients. It’s important to remember that pest control encompasses a wide range of services. As a pest controller, you could be dealing with anything from small insects like ants, to larger animals like possums and birds. A pest control business that specialises in small insects and termites will need a different range of equipment to a business that specialises in bird enclosures. 

Regardless of the type of services your business will offer, you will definitely need to acquire a vehicle and signage before you start your pest control business. Since you’ll be servicing your clients at their properties, the ability to travel around is essential. Your vehicle should have enough space to carry around a range of equipment, including hose reels, spray tanks, storage boxes, and spill kits. 

At Jim’s Pest Control, our franchisors can provide you with guidance with regards to equipment needs. On top of that, we have access to great industry discounts from our preferred suppliers, which can make a big difference in keeping startup costs low. 

How do I get clients for pest control?

When you live in a country like Australia, pest control services are an essential service. Our flourishing animal and insect ecosystem means that pest control services are in high demand all year round. 


So, how do you go about securing new pest control clients? Consider implementing some of the following strategies into your business:

  • Offer differentiating services – Find out what your competitors are offering and find a way to differentiate yourself from them by either improving upon existing services or by offering your clients something new. For example, pet-safe pest control is a growing industry niche that you could look at exploring. 
  • Design and implement an effective marketing strategy – Ensure that your website is optimised for both web and mobile, and develop a presence on social media. When you operate under the Jim’s Group brand, it’s much easier to market your business as your customers are likely already very familiar with the Jim’s brand.
  • Reach out to other businesses in your community – Develop relationships and strategic partnerships with other businesses in your region. For example, if there is a construction company in your area, see if they would be willing to recommend your business to their clients, and vice versa.
  • Strengthen your reputation – When it comes to finding clients, nothing beats word of mouth. The stronger your reputation, the more likely you are to receive new leads. Focus on providing excellent service to every client, and watch your business grow organically.

If you start your pest control business with Jim’s Termite & Pest Control, you’ll also receive access to the leads that come through our dedicated national call centre in Mooroolbark, Victoria. However, most franchise owners find that within a year or two of running their business, they’re almost entirely self-sufficient on repeat customers and referrals.

How profitable is a pest control business?

As a result of our low startup costs and low overheads, Jim’s Termite & Pest Control franchises are some of the most profitable franchises out there on the market. In Australia, the average cost for a pest control service ranges between $300-$700. As a mobile pest controller, you’re likely to service anywhere between 4-7 jobs in a typical day, meaning that it’s very possible to take in thousands of dollars of sales over the course of a single working day! 


At Jim’s Group, we also offer all our franchisees a unique Pay-For-Work Guarantee of $1,200 per week, which ensures that our business owners are taking in a solid income from day one. You might be surprised to find out that most of our franchise owners have never needed to fall back on this guarantee, as the weekly income of our franchisees typically exceeds that amount from their very first week of operating.


At the end of the day, how far you want to take your Jim’s Termite & Pest Control business is completely up to you. We tell our onboarding franchisees that the sky’s the limit – we put no restrictions on how big you want to grow your business!

Pest control businesses for sale

If you’re looking to start a pest control business in 2022, there’s no better way to do it than with Jim’s Termite & Pest Control. Our organisation won the Product Choice Award for Best Pest Control Company in both 2020 and 2021, making us an industry leader nationwide. To find out more about pest control business opportunities in your area, get in touch with us at Jim’s Termite & Pest Control today by calling 131 546 or enquiring online.

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