How to start an antenna installation business

The home entertainment industry has changed drastically over the last few decades. Just a few decades ago, TVs were luxury items that few people could afford. These days, TVs and other home entertainment systems are more prevalent and accessible than ever, with the average Australian household owning 6.6 devices for content consumption!

Our nationwide obsession for home entertainment means that antenna installation services are in high demand everywhere. So, if you’re technologically-savvy and are looking for a lucrative business opportunity to pursue in 2022, starting an antennas business may be the perfect fit for you.

Do you need to be an electrician to install an antenna?

One of the most common questions we get asked at Jim’s Antennas is whether or not you need to be an electrician to install an antenna. The simple answer is no. In fact, electricians usually shouldn’t be installing antennas as antenna installations are highly specialised and potentially hazardous tasks.

Electricians are trained to complete electrical cabling tasks across a broad range of scenarios. Antenna specialists, on the other hand, have specialised knowledge in antenna installations and repairs. As a result, an electrician may not have the specialised tools, equipment, and training to deal with specific antenna and AV issues.

What training do you need to become an antenna specialist?

In Australia, it’s not mandatory for antenna specialists to have any formal qualifications. However, having a qualification in the field will give your business credibility and will undoubtedly help you further develop your skills. A Certificate II in Telecommunications Technology is a nationally accredited, entry-level qualification that will cover your bases and put you in good stead to start your own antennas business.

At Jim’s Antennas, our franchisees have come to us from all walks of life. For many of our antenna specialists, they started their businesses with no prior experience in the antennas industry. We make it possible for anyone to start their own antennas business by providing full and comprehensive training to all of our new franchisees. Our training program includes a 3-day business training course and industry-specific training.

As a result of our ongoing commitment to our franchisees’ professional development, our antenna specialists live up to their names as true experts in the field.

What other services can antenna specialists provide?

Founded in 1999, Jim’s Antennas is one of the oldest service divisions in Jim’s Group. As a result, we’ve seen the development of TVs and home entertainment occur in real time. We’ve adapted our services over the years so that we’re always able to meet our customers’ demands. Antenna services continue to be in high demand across the board, but we’ve broadened our offerings to include a wider range of services. These days, our specialists provide a variety of different services, including:

  • TV wall mounting
  • Phone and NBN Modem relocation
  • Home Theatre installations
  • Security Alarms and CCTV systems
  • WiFi, Internet & data points
  • Fixed Wireless 4G/5G Internet Connection

Security and CCTV installation

More and more Australians are becoming concerned about security in recent years, which is a good thing as prevention is always better than intervention. When it comes to your family’s safety, you can never be too careful.

As a result of the surge in demand for security and CCTV installations across Australian homes and businesses, our team at Jim’s Antennas have started collaborating with Jim’s Security to source, install, and repair CCTV systems and security cameras, security alarms, video intercoms, and other products in both residential and commercial properties.

WiFi, Internet, Data Point Installation & Troubleshooting

COVID-19 has made working and studying from home the new normal, so having access to high-quality WiFi and Internet is more necessary today than ever. Anyone who has tried to sit through a Zoom meeting with patchy Internet knows how disruptive unreliable WiFi can be, so improving WiFi and Internet quality has been a top priority for many of our customers over the last year and a half.

It might come as no surprise, then, that WiFi, Internet and data point installations continue to be in high demand even after lockdowns have been lifted. Our specialists are able to recommend and implement high-quality solutions specifically tailored to our clients’ unique situations.

How much does it cost to start an antennas business?

The costs involved in starting an antennas business will vary significantly depending on your location, the services you want to offer, and whether you’re building your business from scratch or buying an existing business or franchise.

As natural advocates for franchising, we’re always inclined to recommend starting your own franchise. But it’s not without good reason; starting a business as a franchise is usually the most cost-effective route for new business owners to take.

Starting an antennas business under the Jim’s Antennas name, for example, means that you’ll start to make money far more quickly than if you were to start up a brand new, independent business. Since the Jim’s name is so well-known across the country, our franchisees don’t have to work as hard to establish their brand and to gain their customers’ trust. And since they’re granted access to our call centre’s leads from the moment they launch their business, they’re able to start taking jobs from day one! Our excellent reputation in the industry has seen many of our franchise owners secure huge contracts with brands such as JB Hi Fi, Telstra, and ANZ!

When Jim’s Antennas are put up for sale, they are priced according to several considerations such as location, territory size, and whether the business is new or already established. At Jim’s Antennas, we have antennas franchises available across the country. You can do a search on our website for all the business opportunities currently available for sale. Since there are so many factors that come into play when determining the price of a Jim’s Antennas business, the best way to get an idea of the price of an antennas franchise in your local area is by getting in touch with one of our representatives.

What tools do you need to start an antennas business?

Installing and repairing antennas and other AV equipment is a technical job, so having access to quality equipment and tools is key. The full list of tools you’ll need will vary depending on what services you’re planning on offering, but generally speaking you’ll need access to a vehicle, cable sets, a fully-stocked tool box, and various testing equipment.

Starting an antennas business can seem overwhelming at first. Between all the legal paperwork and the list of tools and equipment to acquire, the process of getting everything in place to launch your business can seem like a tiring, uphill battle. At Jim’s Antennas, we try to make the process of sourcing suppliers as easy as possible. Since we’re a nationally recognised and respected brand, we have a high level of purchasing power which we’re able to share with our individual franchisees. This means that we’re able to secure great deals for all our franchisees on vehicles, tools, equipment, phones, insurance, stationary, and more.

At Jim’s Antennas, we receive far more work than we can handle. In fact, we turn away almost 30,000 jobs every year! If you’re tech-minded and are looking for a business opportunity with high-growth potential, get in touch with us to see what’s available. Call us on 131 546 or register your interest online today.

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