Is Your Old Bathroom Worrying You?

Do you have an old bathroom that’s seen better days, desperate for some TLC? Or maybe you’ve just moved into a new place, and the bathroom is looking worse for wear. If you’ve decided it’s time for a bathroom renovation or makeover, but are trying to cut costs, we’ve got some tips for you.

Is your bath in bad condition?

You’re lucky enough to have a bath but don’t want to use it, because quite frankly, it doesn’t look very clean. Even though you’ve tried scrubbing it with every cleaning product under the sun, nothing seems to work. It’s too far gone. And there’s no point even thinking about fixing those chips and cracks because you’re going to have to rip out the whole thing and replace it with a brand new bath, right? Wrong! You can still get the results of a brand new bathtub without having to replace it. How?

Jim's Place Holder Image

Jim's Place Holder Image

Bath Resurfacing.

Instead of replacing your bath, you can have it resurfaced. A new coating will be applied that hides the appearance of repaired chips, cracks, and other imperfections, making your bath look brand new. Jim’s Resurfacing offer a same-day service that will allow you to use your bath the very next morning! Using the latest technology, Jim’s Resurfacing experts will give your bath a high-quality, professional finish. With a 7-year guarantee, and at a fraction of the cost of a replacement, bath resurfacing with Jim’s is the smart choice.

Tile and Vanity Resurfacing.

Your bath probably isn’t the only part of your bathroom that could do with a makeover. Jim’s Resurfacing can also fix up your wall tiles, vanities, basins, and shower bases. They can also repair any chips or cracks to baths and basins before resurfacing. Think twice before you rip out that drab-looking vanity basin or bath. You’ll save so much more money on your bathroom makeover with professional resurfacing. And with a job well done, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Your local skilled experts at Jim’s will show you just how amazing bathroom resurfacing can be. For a free quote, click here.

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