Jim Penman’s advice to a new Jim’s Cleaning franchisee starting out

Jim’s Group CEO, Jim Penman received a great question from a new Jim’s Cleaning franchisee who has been researching the brand for a very long time. It was a great question and response so we thought we would share it with you to read. If you would like to ask Jim a question about business or our franchises you can do so via https://jims.net/ask-jim/


Good Morning Jim

My name is Victor and after much discussion with your team and my own wife and children, I have signed up to join Jim’s cleaning. I am very excited and thank you for the opportunity ( Jim’s Cleaning Canley Vale). I am attending the training next week, and the on the job training on Monday ( My last day at my current job is tomorrow, so I couldn’t start sooner!)

I had a question- What advice would you give someone to ensure that I leave the gate running? I understand business takes time to mature, however, if you were in my position, what would you advise me to do to ensure that I start off with the best foot forward? Thank you for your time.

Have a great weekend,

Victor Nobrega

Jim’s Answer

Hello Victor, good to talk and I hope to meet you in person one day. The one piece of advice I’d give you which is not just for the start but for every day is to focus relentlessly on what you can do to improve:

How can I make my customer even more delighted?

How can I reduce the time it takes to do the job?

When complaints or poor surveys happen (and they will), how can I mend them and what should I do differently next time?

How can I reduce my travel time?

How can I reduce costs?

How can I find better-paying jobs?

Am I able to increase prices?

Used properly, a franchise system is a great place to do this because you have so many ways to learn

Pay careful attention to training

Read my book ‘Every customer a fan’, which is a very practical guide to business success, and other relevant books – can be audio while driving

Talk to your Franchisor often

Attend every possible meeting

Get to know other Franchisees, especially the most successful, and learn from them.

Read your newsletter. Takes only a minute or two a month and often has business-boosting ideas

Feel free to contact me at any time (It’s actually a good sign that you’ve reached out to me. Too few of our people do)

Where you aim is up to you. If you want to become wealthy, you’re in a golden place to start. If you simply want a good income with plenty of time for your family and other interests likewise. The key is a relentless focus on doing better, every day.



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