Jim’s Beauty: A Bold New Venture by Jim’s Group!

Your favorite lawn mowing service now offers beauty treatments! Sounds surprising, right? We’re diving into the beauty industry, bringing our renowned commitment to service from your backyard to your beauty routine.

Join the Jim’s Beauty Family

Are you a beautician dreaming of owning your business? Jim’s Beauty is your chance. 

With potential earnings significantly higher than working for someone else, running your own Jim’s franchise is an opportunity too good to miss. 

We’ve already seen a surge of interest, and we’re just getting started.

A Visionary Move

How did this idea come about? A brilliant suggestion from one of our franchisees, recognizing the success of divisions that attract women. 

Jim’s Beauty is not just about expanding our services– it’s about tapping into what our customers want and need. 

It’s a bold move, sure, but the excitement it’s generated has been overwhelming.

A Fresh Cut and a Fresh Look with Jim’s Beauty

Just like your garden needs a trim, so might you– but we promise, no brush cutters here! 

Jim’s Group is bringing in the experts for this—qualified beauticians ready to pamper you. 

Whether it’s a hedge or your hair needing attention, we’ve got it covered.

Jim’s Beauty at Your Doorstep

Imagine getting a spray tan or a manicure right in the comfort of your home. 

Jim’s Beauty makes it possible with mobile services that bring the salon to you. 

Whether you prefer the convenience of your living room or visiting a local salon, we’re making beauty accessible to everyone. 

And with over 300 leads in just a few days, the demand is sky-high!


We’re not afraid to think outside the box. Jim’s Beauty is more than just a new division– it’s a statement. 

We’re dedicated to providing excellent service in every aspect of your life, ensuring you look and feel great. And you can join us on this exciting journey!

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