Launch Your Dream By Turning It Into A Jim’s Division!

Ever dreamt of scaling your own business but didn’t know where to begin? Jim’s Group is your runway. With a simple idea and a bit of hustle, turning your vision into a thriving franchise is more than just a possibility—it’s our promise.

Finding the Right Fit

Your journey starts with a unique idea, something we haven’t done but desperately need. 

Whether you’re already part of our family or stepping in fresh, it’s your customer service game and industry know-how that sets you apart. 

We’re on the lookout for concepts that don’t step on our existing services’ toes but stand out with their potential to flourish.

The Earning Potential

A successful Jim’s division means you and your future franchisees can earn decently—think $60 per hour on average. 

We’re not just aiming for decent, though. With the right drive, the sky’s the limit. 

And remember, scalability is key. We’re talking about a vision that can grow to support at least 100 franchisees across the country.

Starting Strong, Growing Stronger

Launching a new division isn’t about pouring money into the void. 

It’s a calculated effort, more about time and passion than dollars and cents. 

Take our laundry division—exceeding expectations in record time.

With a low entry fee and a challenge to grow your division to 30 franchises in three years, we’ve seen many hit the ground running fast. 

Your Blueprint to Success with Jim’s Group

Here’s your to-do list: 

  • Craft a manual
  • Brainstorm on uniforms and logos
  • Get that website up and running. 

While it might sound like a tall order, it’s more about pouring your energy into the project than anything else. 

With Jim’s Group by your side, transforming your idea into a thriving business is possible.


Dreaming of becoming your own boss with a business that makes a difference? Jim’s Group offers the blueprint to turn your ambition into achievement.

Let’s make it happen together.

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