Maximize efficiency: Pro tips for using a blower with Chris from Jim’s Mowing

For every gardener and landscaper, selecting the right tools is only half the battle – mastering them is the real challenge. While the blower is a go-to for many, its efficient usage often remains a mystery. Enter Chris Sullivan, a seasoned pro with Ego products, who unveils the art of wielding the Ego backpack blower with finesse. Dive into his expert insights to not just clear debris but elevate your yard’s tidiness.

The Unique Design of the Ego Backpack Blower

Navigating the world of yard tools, the Ego backpack blower emerges as a distinct player. Unlike the conventional handheld blowers, with their motor situated at the rear, the Ego model innovatively positions itself on the user’s back. 

This design not only promises extended battery life but also aims to lessen the physical strain on users, making those prolonged yard sessions more bearable. 

Chris of the Jim’s Group states that the highlight of this blower is its trio of triggers: a handy pistol trigger paired with a power-packed turbo button, and a variable speed dial to fine-tune its operations. This ensures that whether you’re dealing with stubborn wet leaves or just a light dusting of debris, you’ve got the optimal setting at your fingertips.

Mastering Blower Techniques in Unpredictable Wind

Windy conditions can be a landscaper’s nightmare when wielding a blower. Blasting at full speed might seem like the efficient choice, but it can often lead to chaotic scattering of debris, diminishing your hard work’s effectiveness. 

Chris from Jim’s Mowing highlights the importance of gauging the wind’s direction and adjusting your blower’s speed accordingly. By exercising such restraint and being mindful of your surroundings, you not only prevent debris from trespassing onto neighboring properties but also ensure that your yard work remains impeccable. 

Remember, in the world of landscaping, precision often outweighs power. By adopting Chris’s approach, you can guarantee a cleaner finish even on the breeziest days.

Leveraging Your Blower for Optimal Cleanup Post-Hedging

Hedging, while essential for a well-maintained garden, inevitably leaves behind a trail of tiny leaves and off-cuts. Instead of the laborious task of collecting them by hand, Chris advises a smarter approach: using your blower to corral them onto the lawn. 

By consolidating these trimmings in one area, they become far easier to manage. Follow this up with your mower, treating it like a vacuum, to swiftly clear the accumulated debris. This strategy not only saves considerable time but also ensures your yard looks pristine and professionally maintained. Remember, it’s these little techniques that can elevate your landscaping game.

Edge Maintenance and Being a Good Neighbor

Edges often pose a challenge during yard maintenance, especially when properties are closely nestled together. Chris highlights the importance of pausing the blower when nearing these boundaries. 

This strategic halt ensures debris doesn’t end up on the adjoining property, averting potential neighborly disputes. Moreover, tidying up neighboring pathways or driveways, even if they’re not directly in your project’s scope, can leave a lasting positive impression. 

It’s a gesture that shows respect for others’ spaces and a commitment to impeccable workmanship. By adopting these practices, not only do you safeguard relationships but also ensure your work stands out for all the right reasons.


The Ego backpack blower, when used effectively, can transform the way you handle garden cleanup. 

With Chris Sullivan’s expert advice, not only will your yard benefit, but you’ll also be a more considerate and efficient gardener. 

Remember, it’s not just about the tools but how you use them.

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