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Meet the team

CEO and Founder

Jim Penman

Jim Penman founded the business in 1989 and under his leadership has guided Jim’s Group past 5,000 franchises.

He is very active in the business still and also funds a research project in epigenetics

Chief Operating Officer

Rocky Aloi

Rocky Aloi joined in 2018 and since then has dramatically changed Jim’s Group with various systems and leadership which has enabled us to grow to 5,000 plus franchisees. Due to his leadership Jim appointed him COO in 2023.

Chief Financial Officer

Jon Perry

Jon Perry joins Jim’s Group after extensive corporate experience in a variety of senior roles. He is a proven leader and has a strong background in financial operations.

Senior Legal Counsel

Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw has extensive legal experience and has been with us since 2021. Andrew is well respected within the Jim’s Group and has extensive knowledge of a large range of franchise law issues.

Chief Marketing Officer

Joel Kleber

Joel Kleber joined the business in 2011 whilst completing his law/commerce degree. Since then, Joel has worked in numerous roles in the business.

Joel’s innovate content marketing strategies since 2019 have helped grow the group to 5,000 plus franchisees after a long period of stagnation.
Check out our social media, podcasts, and other content channels to see why we are leading franchising in this area.

Documents & Compliance Manager

Leah Cadwallader

Leah Cadwallader has been with Jim’s since 2012 and runs of documents and compliance department which is responsible for all new franchise contracts, BNA’s, and numerous other documents we produce on a yearly basis. Leah and her leadership have been crucial in getting us past 5,000 franchisees.

HR Manager

Courtney Scott

Courtney Scott joined us in 2023 and has been instrumental in our people and culture transformation project. Courtney as a wealth of experience in this area and her contributions to the Jim’s Group have been already significant.

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