Studying a Law Degree Whilst running a Jim’s Mowing Franchise!

Meet Patrick Leary, a Jim’s Mowing franchisee who’s mastered the art of balancing his business while pursuing a law degree. His journey from carpentry to franchising, driven by the desire for flexible hours to accommodate his studies, showcases the adaptability and potential within the Jim’s Group for personal and professional growth.

From Carpentry to Franchising with Jim’s Group

Patrick’s career transition was driven by his longing for knowledge and a more flexible schedule. 

Leaving behind his carpentry tools for a Jim’s Mowing franchise, he started on a path that allowed him to explore the world of law and commerce.

This switch not only changed his professional landscape but also opened doors to new learning opportunities.

Maintaining Quality Service with Jim’s Mowing

Ensuring excellent service while handling many tasks is quite challenging.

Patrick emphasizes the importance of hands-on training for his staff, enabling them to uphold the high standards Jim’s Mowing is known for. 

His strategy involves close supervision in the initial stages, gradually building a team capable of delivering quality service independently, allowing him the capacity to focus on his studies.

The Challenge of Staffing

Finding reliable employees has been Patrick’s biggest challenge, particularly in the post-COVID era. 

By using his connections with former classmates and concentrating on individuals with a strong work ethic– like country boys used to farm work– Patrick has assembled a reliable team.

This approach has been crucial in maintaining service quality and customer satisfaction.

A Semi-Passive Income Model

Patrick’s innovative management style has allowed him to create a semi-passive income business model. 

By training his team to operate autonomously, he ensures his business thrives even as he dedicates time to his law studies. 

This balance of hands-on and strategic management is proof of the flexible business model that Jim’s Group offers its franchisees.


Patrick Leary’s journey is a great example of how determination, smart management, and using the support network within Jim’s Group can lead to success in various areas.

Whether you’re aspiring to start your own franchise or looking to balance work with personal goals, Patrick’s story is a shining example of inspiration.

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