The 10 Jim’s Divisions with the most Unserviced Leads

It’s always a good sign for any business owner when their business receives plenty of leads. But what happens when these leads go unserviced? It might be hard to believe, but managing unserviced leads is one of our biggest challenges here at Jim’s Group. When leads go unserviced, it means that there are more job requests on the market than franchisees on-hand who are available to service them. 

Over the last 12 months, Jim’s Group received 242,283 unserviced leads. For those searching for a secure business opportunity, that’s great news. It means that there’s plenty of opportunities to find work within the group and that the Jim’s Group divisions are in demand. In this article, we’ll show you the 10 Jim’s divisions that had the most unserviced leads in 2020. If you’re looking for an exciting and promising franchise opportunity in Australia in 2021, time to tune in. 

10. Jim’s Car Detailing

Most of us spend a fair amount of time in our cars everyday, so it’s no wonder that Jim’s Car Detailing is a highly sought-after service. Professional car detailing is essentially a ‘detailed’ cleaning service that rigorously cleans the interiors and exteriors of your vehicle. Jim’s Car Detailing features 10th on our list of the Jim’s divisions with the most unserviced leads in 2020. 

Tyres - jim's Group

$99 Car Detailing

The service that generates the most unserviced leads within Jim’s Car Detailing is their $99 car detailing special. At $99 for an exterior and interior clean, it’s easy to see why. This special offer includes a thorough cleaning of a car’s exterior, as well as a full interior vacuum, a full steam cleaning of the seats, and total sanitisation of all interior surfaces.

Car Full Detail

The second most requested service that Jim’s Car Detailing franchisees receive are full car details. This involves a thorough cleaning of a car’s exterior and interior components. It’s a great way to keep your car in pristine condition and to protect it from any environmental damage. 

Car Interior Detail

A car interior detail is another one of the most requested services that Jim’s Car Detailing franchisees receive on a regular basis. All surfaces are cleaned during a full interior detail, which keeps your car sanitised and clean. 

9. Jim’s Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are one of those materials that require frequent cleaning and maintenance. This is why the franchisees at Jim’s Carpet Cleaning are always busy with work. 

Carpet Cleaning

Requests for standard carpet cleaning services make up the bulk of the Jim’s Carpet Cleaning leads that go unserviced. Anyone who has a home or office with carpets or rugs needs to get them cleaned at some point, so there’s always more than enough work to go around.

2x Carpet Cleaning

Chances are, if you have one carpeted room in your home, you’ll have a second one that needs to be cleaned, too. A 2x carpet cleaning service is an efficient way to get your whole house clean and sanitised on the one day.


Contrary to its name, carpets aren’t the only things that Jim’s Carpet Cleaning franchisees service. Upholstery cleaning is actually one of Jim’s Carpet Cleaning’s most frequently requested services. Whether it be couches, dining chairs, or armchairs, a deep upholstery clean is good practice for keeping your furniture in good condition. 

8. Jim’s Skip Bins

Whether you’re undergoing a major renovation, moving homes, or simply decluttering the house, skip bins are an essential component of waste management. Jim’s Skip Bins makes waste management easy and convenient with their home delivery and pick-up services. 

Skip Bin 4m

The job with the most unserviced leads within the Jim’s Skip Bins division are requests for 4 cubic metre skip bins. These are great for residential customers who are renovating their home or garden, and are also handy for construction sites and commercial offices. 

Skip Bin 2m

2 cubic metre skip bins are also often requested, with many going unserviced. These are perfect for annual spring cleans and small residential projects. 

Skip Bin 3m

3 cubic metre skip bins are perfect for backyard working bees and smaller renovation projects. They carry roughly the same amount of rubbish as 12 wheelie bins, so it’s an space-efficient waste management solution. 

7. Jim’s Handyman

When things go wrong in the home or the office, it’s helpful to have someone on hand to call for help. Jim’s Handyman franchisees are always in demand for their maintenance, repair, and installation services. It comes as no surprise that Jim’s Handyman is one of the most frequently requested services, though also one that often has the most unserviced leads. 

Jims Kitchen

Handy Handyman

The jobs that go most unserviced at Jim’s Handyman are general handiwork jobs. These are the everyday repairs and maintenance works that can come up every now and then. For those of us who are time poor or DIY-averse, Jim’s Handyman is a great contact to keep on file for those everyday emergencies.

Handy Carpentry

Most of us aren’t equipped with the carpentry skills required for most renovation and installation projects. When carpentry issues come up, it’s best to call a professional. That’s why carpentry services were the second most requested service received by Jim’s Handyman in 2020. 

Handy Doors/Wood/Glass

We use our doors and windows everyday, so it’s normal for them to break down occasionally. Jim’s Handyman franchisees will take care of all the bits and pieces involved in maintaining and fixing your doors and windows. Repair and maintenance requests frequently go unserviced at Jim’s Handyman, so they’re always on call for extra hands.

6. Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal

Tree and stump removal is one of those things that you should absolutely not attempt to do on your own, which is why Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal services are constantly in demand. 

Tree Removal

Tree removal requests commonly go unserviced at Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal due to lack of manpower. Tree removal becomes necessary for a range of reasons. From property renovations to risk mitigation, there are plenty of reasons why it might become necessary to have a tree removed. Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal offer professional arborist support that ensures the safety of residents as well as the environmental health of the land. 

Wood Chipping

Another job that commonly goes unserviced within the Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal division is wood chipping. Wood chipping essentially breaks down larger segments of wood and turns it into premium organic mulch. It’s an efficient and environmentally friendly waste solution that is hugely popular amongst residential and commercial customers.

Stump Removal

Many tree removal companies end up leaving the tree stump in the ground, but Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal offer a full stump removal and stump grinding service. This means that the entire tree and root system will be removed from the ground. Its high demand means that leads for stump removal often went unserviced in 2020.


H2: 5. Jim’s Cleaning

Jim’s Cleaning is a national award winning company that services homes and offices nationwide. Cleaning is an essential service that needs to be carried out regularly, so it’s unsurprising that Jim’s Cleaning continues to be amongst the top divisions with the most unserviced leads, despite have many franchisees working hard to get as many jobs done as possible. 

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Vacate Cleaning

The job that goes most unserviced at Jim’s Cleaning is vacate cleaning. Hiring a professional to perform a full vacate cleaning means that your property will be left in its ‘original condition’. If your lease has ended, you can be confident after a vacate cleaning service that you’ll get a good reference from your landlord and that you’ll also get your bond back. 

One-Time Clean

Another commonly requested service at Jim’s Cleaning is a single one-time cleaning service. In situations where you just need that little extra bit of help (for example, after a party or after a home renovation project), a one-time clean may be all you need to get your space looking as good as new.

Regular Clean

Regular cleans are another service that often goes unserviced due to its high demand. For time-poor families and those with busy schedules, arranging a regular weekly, fortnightly, or monthly clean can be a huge lifesaver.


H2: 4. Jim’s Fencing

Jim’s Fencing is Australia’s largest fencing company that services residential and commercial properties nationwide. Jim’s Fencing received thousands of unserviced leads in 2020 and continue to be one of the most in-demand divisions in the Jim’s Group family.

Paling Fence Installation

Paling fence installations are the jobs that most often go unserviced at Jim’s Fencing. A paling fence is affordable, effective, and simple, which explains why they’re in such high-demand. Timber fencing has a natural look that perfectly complements any home, so it’s a cost-effective and easy way to increase the privacy and security of your property.

Colorbond Fencing

Colourbond fencing is another popular request that is highly sought-after by Australian households and landowners. Not only is it corrosion-free and non-combustible, Colorbond fencing is also 100% recyclable, making it a sustainable option that will last for years to come.

General Fencing

Jim’s Fencing received many leads in 2020 for general fencing enquiries. From maintenance requests to repair services, the team at Jim’s Fencing are well-equipped to handle any fencing issues that may come up. 


H2: 3. Jim’s Antennas

Since 1999, Jim’s Antennas has been providing audio-visual and antenna services to all areas across Australia. Its qualified technicians are well-versed in all digital and analogue antenna systems, home theatre and surround sound systems, telephone services, and Digital TV technology. Antenna and audio-visual services are constantly in-demand, so it’s not surprising that Jim’s Antennas is amongst the top 3 Jim’s divisions that received the most unserviced leads in 2020.

Jims Antennas

Antenna Installation and Repairs

Antenna installation jobs went the most unserviced at Jim’s Antennas in 2020. We all experience TV reception issues from time to time, which is why the team at Jim’s Antennas are always in high demand to diagnose and repair all antenna issues.

TV Wall Mounting

TV wall mounting is another one of those services that are best left to professionals. A wall-mounted TV brings a sleek and modern look to your living room, bedroom, or office. In 2020, Jim’s Antennas received thousands of leads for TV wall mounting that they couldn’t service, so it’s a great business opportunity to dive into in 2021. 


H2: 2. Jim’s Dog Wash

Jim’s Dog Wash operates in every Australian state and covers both metropolitan and regional areas. For years, Jim Dog Wash has been helping dogs look and feel their best. Dogs are important members of Australian families, and their health and comfort should be taken seriously. It’s no wonder, then, that many dog owners turn to Jim’s Dog Wash for anything from washes, to grooms, to trims.

Dog Groom

The job that goes the most unserviced at Jim’s Dog Wash is a dog groom. From coat tidy ups to flea and tick treatments, a dog groom keeps your dog’s coat healthy and clean. A regular grooming service is essential to the overall wellbeing of your dog, so there’s always dog grooming work available at Jim’s Dog Wash.

Dog Wash

The second most commonly requested job at Jim’s Dog Wash is a full dog wash. This involves a warm hydro bath shampoo and rinse, followed by a full body blow dry, a secondary brush and a nail trim. With thousands of dogs needing regular washes nationwide, there’s always room for extra hands at Jim’s Dog Wash.

$99 Basic Service

At $99 for a basic wash and groom service, this was another popular request that couldn’t always be serviced by Jim’s Dog Wash franchisees. As a regular service, it’s a great way to keep your pup healthy and happy.


H2: 1. Jim’s Mowing

Decades later, business is still booming for the original Jim’s Group franchise. Even though there’s more than 2,000 Jim’s Mowing franchisees working across Australia, Jim’s Mowing is still the division that received the most unserviced leads in 2020. Jim’s Mowing franchisees are in high-demand all year round, so it’s always a great opportunity to dive into. 

One-Time Mow

The job that continues to take in the most unserviced leads at Jim’s Mowing is a one-time lawn mowing. If you’re after a professional lawn cut before a special event or if you just need that extra bit of help to get your garden looking fresh again, booking in a one-time lawn mowing service is a great way to vamp up your yard.

Regular Mow

For those who don’t have the time or expertise to mow their own lawns, a regular mowing appointment is a huge time and energy saver. Requests for regular mowing services often go unserviced at Jim’s Mowing, so helping hands are always welcome.

One-Time and Regular Gardening

Whether it be landscaping, irrigation installation, or garden design, Jim’s Mowing gardeners are well-equipped to service a variety of garden requests. One-time gardening services are highly requested for those situations where a drastic change is required. Regular gardening services are also hugely popular amongst those customers who would like regular garden maintenance and care. There’s always more gardens to service and more Jim’s Mowing franchisees needed to service them. 

Hedging & Pruning

Regular pruning, trimming, and hedging is essential to keeping your garden well-maintained and healthy. Because of how often they need to be performed, hedging and pruning services are commonly requested by customers. 

Rubbish Removal

Rubbish disposal can be a time-consuming and laborious task. That’s why rubbish disposal removal services are one of the most popular Jim’s Mowing services. As people get busier as the year progresses, Jim’s Mowing rubbish removal services are in high-demand all year round.


H2: Found An Opportunity? Become a Jim’s Franchisee Today!

Jim’s Group has plenty of work available all year round. In 2020, we turned away 242,283 leads because we lacked the manpower to service those leads. When you join Jim’s Group as a franchisee, you can rest assured that you will be given the opportunities and support necessary to hit the ground running with your new business from day one. Call 131 546 or enquire online today to learn how you can become your own boss in 2021.