The Jim’s Group Story, As Told By Jim Penman

Wondering how a simple idea can turn into a nationwide success? Jim’s Group did just that. From selling lawn mowing rounds to becoming a household name, we’ve surpassed all expectations. Here’s how we did it, and how you can be a part of this success story.

Jim’s Group’s Humble Beginnings

Starting in 1989, Jim’s Group faced tough competition.

Faced with the possibility of being surpassed, Jim chose to franchise. It was a jump of faith, with hopes of maybe reaching 100 franchises. 

But today, we stand tall with 50+ divisions. This is the proof of our resilience and hard work.

A Badge of Quality

Quality is Jim’s Group’s middle name. From the get-go, we’re all about selecting the best, rigorous training, and maintaining high service standards. 

Jim Penman himself kicks off the training with a passionate talk on customer service. 

With systems for surveys, complaints, and retraining, we ensure that if you call Jim’s, excellence is what you get.

Support and Growth

At Jim’s, franchisees are never alone. We invest millions in software to support our franchisees and enhance customer service. 

Despite being independent business owners, our franchisees enjoy a network of support that pushes them toward success. 

Our aim? To improve incomes and ensure that every franchisee thrives.

Creating Millionaires

Jim’s Group isn’t just a business– we pride ourselves on creating opportunities for everyone, including immigrants who’ve found great success within our system. 

With dedication and the right support, becoming a millionaire isn’t just a dream. It’s a reality for many in our family.


Jim’s Group is more than a franchise– it’s a community dedicated to excellence, support, and success. 

Whether you’re a customer seeking reliable services or an aspiring business owner, Jim’s is where dreams turn into reality. 

Join us, and let’s grow together.

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