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Is there really a Jim? Is he a real person? You know that Jim, the smiling man with the beard and the hat that you drive by on your way to work. Jim Penman is a well-known Australian entrepreneur rag to riches story and every Wednesday he does a live Q & A on Facebook Live with your host Joel Kleber.

Here is the replay of the very first #ASKJIM Facebook Live Q & A that we did with Jim Penman. If you don’t know Jim, he is the CEO and Founder of Jim’s Mowing which turned into the Jim’s Group and has more than 3,800 franchisees and a yearly turnover of approximately $500 million. 

We do these live events every week via the Jim’s Group Facebook page. Jim is joined by his co-host Joel Kleber, whose initiative it was to give the public direct live access to Jim every week on a live platform.

In this first episode, a lot of those questions we receive all the time on social media such as Is there a Jim? What happened to the beard and the hat? Plus many more are answered. 

If you have any questions you want Jim to answer, be sure to tune in via the Jim’s Group Facebook page. All replays will also be me available as podcasts as well.