The Journey from Being an Employee to a Successful Franchise Owner with Jim’s Mowing

If you’re contemplating starting a business or buying a franchise, the story of Andre Fermanov and his journey with Jim’s Mowing could be a source of inspiration for you. From moving cities to restarting his life and becoming a successful franchise owner, Andre’s journey is filled with insights that will empower you to make informed decisions for your entrepreneurial journey.

Andre Fermanov’s Early Life and Profession

Andre Fermanov’s path to success is a fascinating tale that starts in Sydney and winds its way to Brisbane. His story provides valuable insights for anyone looking to start a business or buy a franchise.

From Sydney to Brisbane: A New Start

Originally hailing from Sydney, Andre first dipped his toes into the world of Jim’s Group about 17 years ago. He began his journey with enthusiasm and determination, working tirelessly to build his business. After seven years, he faced a significant decision: he decided to move to Brisbane. This move meant leaving behind the business he had built in Sydney and starting from scratch in a new city.

The transition was a challenge, but Andre’s positive attitude and belief in the Jim’s Mowing system allowed him to take it in stride. He saw it as an opportunity to expand and reach new markets. The move to Brisbane wasn’t just a change of scenery; it was a new chapter in his career that allowed him to establish a new territory for Jim’s Mowing.

A Solo Endeavor with Support from Family

Andre’s career in Jim’s Mowing has been primarily a solo endeavor, but it’s important to note that he wasn’t entirely alone. His wife, Jenny, played a significant role in the success of the business. While Andre was out in the field, Jenny was behind the scenes, managing the paperwork and providing essential support.

They worked together as a team, complementing each other’s skills. Andre was the face of the business, taking care of the physical tasks, while Jenny handled administrative duties. Their partnership was a key factor in the success of their franchise.

Lessons from the Early Years

The early years were filled with hard work, learning, and growth. Andre had to navigate the challenges of being a new business owner, adapting to the demands of his customers, and managing the everyday operations of his franchise.

He learned the importance of being consistent and reliable, providing quality service, and building strong relationships with his customers. The brand name of Jim’s Mowing provided a foundation, but it was Andre’s dedication and commitment to excellence that helped him build a loyal customer base.

Andre’s Decision to Shift Careers

Entrepreneurs are constantly faced with decisions that can significantly shape the trajectory of their business. One such critical decision came to Andre after 17 years of managing his Jim’s Mowing franchise in Sydney and Brisbane. His experiences, successes, and challenges led him to a pivotal moment that would redefine his business model and, indeed, his career.

Starting from Scratch: The Initial Success

When Andre moved to Brisbane and began his Jim’s Mowing business anew, he found the process surprisingly straightforward. The brand’s tried-and-true business model allowed work to flow in steadily. His clients’ trust in the Jim’s Mowing name, coupled with Andre’s dedication and skill, meant that he could build his customer base quickly.

He had developed a reputation for reliability and quality, and his services were in demand. Business was good, but the solo operation was demanding. As the years went by, Andre realized that something had to change.

Recognizing the Need for Change

Andre’s business was a success, but it was also a monumental task to manage on his own. He and his wife, Jenny, handled everything from mowing to bookkeeping, and the workload was unrelenting. The realization came to Andre that he couldn’t continue this way forever.

It was more than just the physical toll; it was the understanding that a business needs to grow and adapt. Andre recognized that he had reached a point where his current business model was unsustainable in the long run. He needed to think about the future.

A Bold Decision: Hiring Staff and Shifting Focus

With the understanding that change was needed, Andre made a bold decision. He started to hire staff, aiming to build enough business to support them while also turning a profit. This was a significant shift in his approach, transforming from a one-man operation to a growing enterprise.

The decision was not made lightly. It required a different way of thinking and a new focus on management, training, and delegation. It meant that Andre would have to trust others to deliver the quality of service that had become his trademark.

But it also opened new doors. By hiring staff, Andre could expand his business’s reach, take on more clients, and develop new services. It allowed for growth and sustainability that would have been impossible on his own.

Choosing Jim’s Mowing

Choosing the right franchise can be the most significant decision for an entrepreneur. Andre’s choice of Jim’s Mowing is a compelling story of trust, alignment of values, and a willingness to adapt and grow. Here’s how the journey unfolded.

The Allure of a Trusted Brand

When Andre was looking to start a business, the Jim’s Mowing franchise caught his eye. With its long-standing reputation for quality and customer satisfaction, the brand offered something unique. Jim’s Mowing wasn’t just a business opportunity; it was a chance to be part of a larger community that shared his values and work ethic.

But it wasn’t just the reputation of Jim’s Mowing that drew Andre in. There was more to it than that.

A Franchisor’s Influence: Planting the Seed of Change

The relationship between a franchisee and franchisor is a critical one, and Andre’s connection with his franchisor was a turning point in his business journey. When asked why he chose Jim’s, Andre didn’t just talk about the brand or the business model. He spoke about the person who gave him the confidence to grow.

His franchisor wasn’t just a business contact; he was a mentor and guide. He challenged Andre to think differently about his business and planted the seed of change that would eventually lead Andre to shift his business model. The trust and respect that Andre had for his franchisor played a key role in his willingness to take risks and innovate.

Feeling the Toll: A Personal Reason for Change

Alongside the business considerations, Andre had a deeply personal reason for choosing Jim’s and for changing his approach. The physical demands of his job were beginning to wear on him. He realized that he couldn’t keep working in the same way forever, especially as he was growing older.

The awareness of his physical limitations became a driving force behind his decision to hire staff and move away from being on the tools himself. He wanted to preserve his health, but he also wanted to build a sustainable business that could thrive without him being in the field every day.

His choice to partner with Jim’s Mowing allowed him the flexibility to make these changes. The franchise provided the support, the framework, and the trust that he needed to take his business in a new direction.

Andre’s Success with Jim’s Mowing

Choosing Jim’s Mowing as his franchise was not merely a business decision for Andre; it became the blueprint for his success story. The journey from earning $500 a day to a booming $10,000 a week was marked by careful choices, diligent work, and a franchise model that truly supported his ambitions. Here’s a closer look at Andre’s triumph with Jim’s Mowing.

Starting with a Vision

Andre began his journey with Jim’s Mowing 17 years ago. Back then, his goal was simple: earn enough to cover costs, pay the bills, and maintain a good life. With a target of $500 a day, his business was sustainable but limited in its scope.

But Andre was not content to stay still. He saw potential in his business and knew that with the right approach, he could grow it further. The decision to move to Brisbane and restart his business from scratch was a bold one, but it laid the foundation for what was to come.

Growth Through Adaptation

What set Andre apart was his willingness to adapt. Realizing that he couldn’t keep doing everything himself, he made a conscious choice to shift his business model. He hired staff, expanded his services, and sought to generate enough business to support them.

But Andre didn’t just focus on expanding his workforce; he also refined his offerings. Concentrating mainly on mowing, with some additional services like gardening and pruning, he found a niche that worked for him. By keeping things simple and focusing on what he did best, Andre was able to scale his business effectively.

Financial Success and Work-Life Balance

As Andre’s business grew, so did his profits. From the initial $500 per day, he saw his revenue soar to approximately $10,000 per week. This significant increase in earnings wasn’t just a financial win; it was a validation of Andre’s business acumen and his faith in the Jim’s Mowing franchise.

But success wasn’t only measured in dollars. Andre’s shift in his business model also allowed him more time with his family. By stepping away from the tools and trusting his employees, he created a work-life balance that many entrepreneurs only dream of. He proved that it’s possible to have both business success and personal fulfillment.

The Road Ahead: Expansion and Continued Success

With three full-time employees and talks of possibly expanding to four or even six, Andre’s business continues to thrive. His leadership and the support of his wife Jenny, who manages the bookkeeping, have led to a successful enterprise that still has room to grow.

The potential for further expansion is an exciting prospect for Andre, yet he remains grounded. His focus on keeping things manageable and avoiding a “massive thing to manage” shows wisdom and understanding of what makes his business work.


Andre Fermanov’s journey with Jim’s Mowing is a testament to the power of resilience and strategic business transformation. His experiences provide invaluable insights into the world of franchising, illustrating how a shift in business strategy can yield profitable outcomes.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or looking to buy a franchise, let Andre’s story be a beacon, guiding you through your decision-making process. Understand that with the right business model, strategic planning, and a passion for what you do, you can set yourself up for entrepreneurial success.

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