The Ultimate Guide for Small Outdoor Spaces.

There’s no mistaking the trend towards smaller blocks of land. This includes the subdivision of larger properties. Smaller blocks support a more affordable housing option. However, once the house is built, you are often left with a smaller outdoor space to work with.

Don’t worry, this can be a huge advantage. Your landscaping budget will go much further. Smaller outdoor spaces can be more eye-catching and intimate. This can be achieved by connecting the indoor living area to the outdoors. Here our experts share some great tips to help you make a big statement with a smaller outdoor space.


Installing full height glass sliding doors is a great way to extend the view to your outdoor area. This creates the illusion of more depth.

Once you have constructed the indoor/outdoor look, the space extending from the glass doors to the fence will become your blank canvas. Now you can work your magic.

If your yard wraps around the side of your home, use every inch to create an intimate space. This is ideal for a cosy lunch, or for a private favourite garden nook. Why not combine both?

If you have retaining walls, use them to incorporate seating. This avoids the need for extra furniture. Your space will feel more open to use and enjoy.

Jims Outdoor
Jims Outdoor

Get Creative.

Before you launch into your outdoor project, ask yourself how you want to feel when you step outside. Create a theme to deliver that feeling and stick to it. Use materials, plants, furniture, features, outdoor lighting and accessories that keep with your theme.

Use inviting materials like paving, timber decking and stone borders to define the space. Don’t stop there, you can also use them to create different levels.

Create a tall focal point, like a water feature, at the furthest point of the yard. This will draw the eye up and away from the smaller outdoor footprint.


Grow a vertical garden or living fence to create a lush environment. Fastening potted plants to the wall will achieve the look without eating into the available space.

Choose smaller, stylish furniture to suit the space and allow for free-flowing foot traffic. Folding furniture is another good option for a more flexible outdoor living area.

No room for a fire pit? Did you know that you can buy tabletop fire bowls? These can keep the mozzies away and provide a nice ambience at the same time?

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If you need a hand with some ideas, your local handyman or landscape gardener may be a great place to start.

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