Turning a Jim’s Mowing Franchise into a Family Success Story

Meet John and Jodi Wildes, a Dynamic Duo in the Jim’s Mowing Franchise World

John and Jodi Wildes have been running a successful Jim’s Mowing franchise for almost ten years. Together, they’ve grown the business to five trailers and 11 staff, all operating out of a factory.

In an interview, the dynamic duo shares their experience in having a Jim’s Mowing franchise. Let’s dive in!


The Beginning: From a Challenging First Day to Securing a Long-term Contract

John’s first day with his Jim’s Mowing franchise didn’t go as planned – it rained, causing him to lose his first customer. However, on the second day, he secured a long-term contract with a body corporate.

With the help of Jim’s Group, he crafted a winning proposal that has led to a successful working relationship for more than eight years.

This early success demonstrated the power of perseverance and the support that the Jim’s Group offers to its franchisees. With guidance from the franchisor, John was able to turn a challenging start into a promising future for his business.


Harnessing Previous Experience: Sales and Customer Service Skills

Before joining the Jim’s Mowing franchise, John had a diverse career in sales, ranging from working in a retail shop to selling picture-framing materials. These experiences taught him valuable lessons in customer service and understanding customer needs.

He believes that many businesses today lack quality customer service, and he strives to provide exceptional service to his clients.

This focus on customer service has been a key factor in the success of John and Jodi’s franchise, setting them apart from competitors and helping to attract and retain clients.


Building Relationships: Real Estate Agents and Property Managers

One of the key ways that John and Jodi have expanded their business is by forging partnerships with real estate agents and property managers.

John always had a vision of working closely with real estate agents, as he had learned during his training with Jim’s Group that this could be a lucrative avenue for their business.

It took about six months before they secured their first job with a real estate agent, a small $35 project. However, the property manager they worked with was impressed by their speed and quality of service. This led to a long-term relationship with that agent, and as property managers moved to other agencies, they continued to recommend John and Jodi’s services.

This focus on building strong relationships and providing excellent service has helped the business grow through word of mouth.

Today, property management and preparing properties for sale are significant parts of their business, all thanks to their commitment to nurturing these connections.


Investing in Staff Development and Building a Strong Team

For John and Jodi, running their franchise is about more than just financial success. They are passionate about developing their staff as human beings and creating a supportive work environment. They believe that by focusing on staff development, they can create a strong team that communicates well with customers and provides exceptional service.

This approach has paid off for their business, as their staff members have grown in their roles and become more confident in their abilities. By empowering their staff to take ownership of their work and communicate directly with customers, John and Jodi have built a team that consistently delivers high-quality results.


Balancing Work and Family Life: A Flexible and Family-friendly Franchise

One of the main reasons John decided to leave his previous career and start a Jim’s Mowing franchise was to achieve a better work-life balance. As a traveling salesman, he was often away from home, which put a strain on his relationship with Jodi and their son.

Jodi, meanwhile, continues to work full-time in addition to supporting the business.

The Jim’s Mowing franchise offered the opportunity for more family-friendly hours, allowing John to spend more time with his son and attend important events, such as swimming meets. This improved work-life balance has been a significant benefit for the Wildes family, helping to strengthen their relationships and support each other’s interests and activities.


Embracing Failure and Continual Improvement

John and Jodi understand that not every day will be perfect, and they embrace failure as a learning opportunity.

They believe that making small mistakes and learning from them is an essential part of growing and improving their business. By maintaining this mindset, they can identify areas for improvement and continually refine their processes to provide the best possible service to their customers.

This focus on continuous improvement has helped their business stay competitive and consistently exceed customer expectations. It also instills a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence among its staff, ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goal.


Looking to the Future: Long-term Goals and Succession Planning

John and Jodi have ambitious plans for the future of their Jim’s Mowing franchise. While they have already achieved significant success, they have not yet reached all of their goals.

John envisions working less in the coming years, allowing him to focus on other aspects of life while still maintaining an active role in the business.

One long-term goal is to bring their son, a landscaper, into the business, allowing him to carry on the family legacy. John hopes that by building a strong and successful business, he can provide a solid foundation for his son to grow and develop the company even further.

This succession plan will ensure the continued success of the franchise while allowing John to stay involved and contribute to the business and the community.


The Power of a Supportive Franchise Network

John and Jodi’s success story is a testament to the power of a supportive franchise network like Jim’s Group. From helping with crafting winning proposals to providing essential training and ongoing support, the franchisor has been a crucial partner in their journey.

By leveraging the resources and guidance provided by Jim’s Group, John and Jodi have been able to build a thriving business that supports their family and provides a valuable service to their community.

Their story demonstrates the potential of a Jim’s Mowing franchise for those who are willing to work hard, invest in their staff, and commit to providing exceptional customer service.


In conclusion, John and Jodi Wildes have turned their Jim’s Mowing franchise into a family success story by focusing on customer service, building strong relationships with real estate agents and property managers, investing in staff development, and continually improving their processes.

Their journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring franchisees and a testament to the power of a supportive franchise network like Jim’s Group. With a clear vision for the future and a commitment to excellence, the Wildes family is well on their way to continued success and growth.

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