Turning Passion into a Profession: The Inspiring Journey of Liz Cotton

When passion meets profession, success often follows. This is especially true in the case of Liz Cotton, a former bank manager who transformed her love for dogs into a successful franchise business with Jim’s Dog Wash. Liz’s story offers a unique perspective on making career shifts based on personal passions and the role a supportive franchise model can play in fostering business growth.

Liz Cotton – The Journey Before Jim’s Dog Wash

Before the world of dog grooming and franchise ownership with Jim’s Group, Liz Cotton led a different kind of life. With a solid career in banking, Liz held the position of a bank manager, a role that came with its own sets of challenges and rewards. Her expertise and determination helped her excel in this field, carving out a respectable position for herself in the competitive banking industry.

In addition to her banking career, Liz also contributed to society in a meaningful way as an administrative officer at a Children’s Hospital in Queensland. Here, she was not only instrumental in managing key administrative tasks but also brought a touch of warmth and care to her role, touching many lives in the process.

While her professional life was thriving, Liz had a different side that was deeply personal and filled with affection. She was a dog lover, and her love for these furry friends was so profound that she was fondly known as the ‘Crazy Dog Lady’ among her friends and family. Her bond with dogs went beyond casual pet ownership; it was a deep connection that gave her immense joy and satisfaction.

However, as Liz journeyed through her professional life, she started to feel an inner urge for change. Her banking job, though secure and well-paying, was rigid and lacked the flexibility she desired. Similarly, her role at the Children’s Hospital, despite being rewarding, did not fully resonate with her passion for dogs. Liz wanted a career that not only allowed her the freedom to control her own hours and have the potential for unlimited income but also let her work closely with what she loved the most – dogs.

Liz yearned for a profession that could encapsulate her passion for dogs and her desire to be her own boss. She dreamed of a business that was not just financially rewarding, but also personally fulfilling. She wanted to invest her time and energy into something she loved, something that would bring joy not just to her, but to her canine friends and their owners as well. And thus began her quest for a business opportunity that could blend her love for dogs with her ambition to own a business. Little did she know, her aspirations would soon lead her to a life-changing opportunity with Jim’s Dog Wash.

The Spark That Ignited the Career Shift

Everyone, at some point, reaches a crossroads in their life where they must make a decision that could fundamentally change their future. For Liz, that crossroads arrived when she realized that she yearned for more than just a typical 9 to 5 job. She desired something that was not only financially beneficial but also personally fulfilling. Liz began to question if her current career path truly catered to her desires and her passion for dogs.

The realization that life was too short to spend away from what she truly loved was a defining moment for Liz. It was this deep-seated desire to make a difference and to do something she loved that sparked a major career shift. She yearned to create a work-life balance that didn’t feel like a compromise. She dreamt of a career that would give her the freedom to dictate her own schedule, to decide her own growth, and to offer an unlimited earning potential.

More than the financial and time freedom, what truly inspired Liz to consider this career shift was her undying love for dogs. She had always had an affinity towards these faithful companions. Now, she began to contemplate how she could turn this love into a viable business proposition. She started envisioning a career where her professional success could align with her passion for dogs. This meant finding a business opportunity where her love for dogs wouldn’t just be a hobby but a central aspect of her work.

In the corporate world, it’s not often you find opportunities that allow you to combine your personal passions with your professional goals. But Liz was determined to make this a reality. Her pursuit wasn’t just about starting a business. It was about creating a venture where she could pour her love into dogs, making her work enjoyable and meaningful every single day.

And so, with a dream in her heart and a clear vision in her mind, Liz embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship. Her motivation was strong: to create a fulfilling career that would unite her love for dogs and her entrepreneurial spirit.

This decision to shift her career trajectory was not just a step towards financial independence, but also a leap towards personal satisfaction and joy. Little did she know, her quest would soon lead her to a franchise that perfectly mirrored her aspirations – Jim’s Dog Wash.

Liz’s Affiliation with Jim’s Dog Wash

It is often said that when you are on the right path, the universe conspires to help you succeed. For Liz, this cosmic assistance arrived in the form of an advertisement for a Jim’s Dog Wash franchise that happened to pop up on her iPhone.

Seeing it felt like a sign. Intrigued and sensing an opportunity to explore her newfound entrepreneurial ambition, she decided to dive in and learn more about this potential career shift.

The first step in Liz’s exploratory journey was reaching out to the franchise. She connected with the divisional director, Sharon. Their conversation was enlightening, full of valuable insights about the franchise, its operations, and the possibilities it held for an entrepreneur like Liz.

Sharon didn’t just provide Liz with detailed information about the business model but also painted a vivid picture of the lifestyle and personal satisfaction that came with running a Jim’s Dog Wash franchise.

Wanting to gather as much information as possible before making her decision, Liz spent a trial day with an existing franchisee. The firsthand experience offered Liz a unique perspective on the day-to-day running of the franchise.

She got an inside look at the operations, from the grooming procedures to interacting with customers and their furry friends. This trial not only confirmed Liz’s interest but also made her realize how this work could bring her immense joy and satisfaction, something she had been longing for.

The decision to make such a dramatic career shift was, of course, not easy. Moreover, the world was grappling with the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. There was uncertainty everywhere, and many businesses were struggling to stay afloat.

However, instead of being deterred, Liz saw the situation through the lens of opportunity. She realized that the pandemic had caused people to spend more time at home with their pets, possibly increasing the demand for mobile pet grooming services. In addition, she identified that the business model of Jim’s Dog Wash allowed her to operate safely within the pandemic restrictions.

Embarking on this journey was a big decision. It required Liz to step out of her comfort zone, take a leap of faith, and bet on her passion for dogs. But she was reassured and excited about the opportunity. The prospect of being her own boss, dictating her work hours, and most importantly, spending her days doing something she loved – grooming dogs – was compelling.

She made the decision to join the Jim’s Dog Wash family, becoming a franchise owner, ready to turn her passion for dogs into a thriving business. The challenging times brought by the pandemic did not deter her; instead, they strengthened her resolve to succeed in her new endeavor.

The Success of Liz’s Jim’s Dog Wash Franchise

Taking the leap and investing in a Jim’s Dog Wash franchise was the turning point in Liz Cotton’s career journey. Though she was entering uncharted territory, she embraced the challenge with determination and her usual enthusiasm for all things canine.

As she began her entrepreneurial journey in the midst of a global pandemic, Liz found that her decision to dive into the dog grooming industry was not only a fulfilling career shift but also a savvy business move.

When Liz started operating her Jim’s Dog Wash franchise, she found herself busier than she had ever been, even compared to her previous roles in banking and hospital administration. While many businesses were struggling to navigate the operational changes brought about by the pandemic, Liz’s franchise was in a unique position.

The mobile nature of the dog grooming business meant that she could operate within the safety guidelines while meeting a growing demand for her services. With people spending more time at home and becoming increasingly aware of their pet’s grooming needs, Liz had stepped into the market at just the right time.

This unexpected boom in business didn’t mean it was an easy journey. Liz had to adapt to her new role quickly, learning the ropes of the pet grooming industry while managing the business aspects of the franchise.

However, her background in customer service proved invaluable during this time. Drawing from her experience in her previous roles, Liz knew that building strong customer relationships was key to running a successful business.

She made it a priority to connect with her customers, understand their needs, and offer them the best service possible. This strategy not only helped retain her existing customers but also attracted new ones, expanding her customer base rapidly.

Seeing an opportunity to offer more value to her customers, Liz introduced additional services to her Jim’s Dog Wash franchise. She started offering veterinary transport, providing a solution for pet owners who found it challenging to transport their pets to and from vet appointments.

In addition, she launched pamper packs, a premium grooming package that offered extra pampering for pets. These innovative offerings not only differentiated her franchise but also added an additional revenue stream to her business.

Even in the face of challenges, Liz proved that a passion-driven business could thrive. The journey was demanding and filled with learning curves, but Liz’s resilience, adaptability, and customer-focused approach led her to success. Her Jim’s Dog Wash franchise has not only survived the trials of the pandemic but is also thriving, providing invaluable services to pet owners and bringing her immense satisfaction and financial success.

The success of Liz’s franchise serves as an inspiring example for aspiring franchise owners, showing that with dedication, innovation, and a customer-centric approach, one can turn their passion into a successful business.


Liz Cotton’s transition from a bank manager to a successful Jim’s Dog Wash franchise owner is a shining example of how aligning one’s passion with profession can lead to remarkable success. Her story, marked by a deep love for dogs and a daring entrepreneurial spirit, serves as a beacon of inspiration for those seeking a career shift.

It is a testament to the fact that, with the right opportunities and a touch of courage, one can indeed transform their passion into a flourishing business.


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