Welcome to the new and improved jims.net

We are excited to announce the launch of the new and improved jims.net

The main jims.net site hasn’t been updated since 2011 so we thought it was time to update it to be more customer-centric and have a lot more informative content for potential customers and future Jim’s franchise owners.

Georgios Antoniou (Web Developer) and Joel Kleber (CDO) have tried to make the new jims.net a real point of difference in the marketplace compared to other competitors. We have decided on a unique home-page design that has a search bar which is in line with competitors in the market. However, we have decided to use some unique icons to identify between services. These will also be randomised every time the site is visited to ensure fairness to all divisions. We are also open to changing the design on the homepage, however, it will always have a search bar with icons underneath. The background we are open to experimenting with if alternatives are suggested to the team. The site will also have eventually integration with the new Franchisor’s website. Which will be a big improvement from the current site. This will be rolled out later in the year. We will also be adding various pages to the site as time goes by to increase engagement with the site. Pages will include more content on Jim’s story, training and other items that will be of interest to the public.

Massive thanks for Georgios Antoniou (Web Developer) for his hard work on what has been a massive project. Any comments or feedback please email joel.kleber@jims.net

Some of the Features:

  • Service icons all have a micro-interaction when hovered over, increase engagement.
  • Different countries have different services only enabled. If the division is not available in the country it will direct the user to the ‘Jim’s International’ page.
  • Lot’s of video content, instead of written It’s made for customers and NOT a search engine.
  • Sales specific pages for franchises, regions, divisions, existing and international.
  • Enquiries generated will be provided to the appropriate divisional or regional.
  • Jim’s logo generator. Customers will be able to make there own Jim’s division. This is taking advantage of Jim’s Meme culture which is very prevalent online. It will mean increased engagement and time on site which is a SEO ranking factor.
  • An improved meet Jim page and learn from Jim content section. We recommend you grab these videos and use them in your marketing efforts.
  • Mobile friendly site hosted on a very fast server.
  • Built with Jim’s recommend template which is very heavy on call to actions (CTA’s).