What support do I receive as a Jim’s Group franchisee?

A huge part of joining the Jim’s Family is the support you receive as a business owner from your franchisor and our preferred suppliers. With our support, we regularly hold franchisee meetings which are a great opportunity for our nearly 4,000 franchisees to discuss business and hear expert advice from a large range of suppliers.

Tim Respondek, is the Franchisor for Jim’s Mowing in Tasmania. He sent us through the great photo above with a spiel about what’s been happening with our Jim’s franchise owners in the Apple isle.

Also part of the of organising the evening was Scott Greenwood of Jim’s Fencing and Jyosh Vizcarra from Jim’s Cleaning who had plenty of franchisees in attendance.

Well done Tim, Scott and Jyosh plus all the franchisees who attended.

“Just letting you know what we’re getting up to in Tassie. Not sure if you’re aware but I meet up with other Divisional Franchisors that are in Southern Tasmania (Fencing, Cleaning, Book Keeping, Car Detailing etc.) about four times a year usually after the minutes of the Advisory Meeting come out and we have a chat about what’s in the minutes as well its a good opportunity to check in with each other and what’s happening in their division/region and share information and support etc.

That led to a combined Divisional Trade Evening at Total Tools which we held last night, Fencing and myself originally organised it for March this year but COVID hit and delayed it to last night. While we were waiting to reorganise the evening it made sense to bring everyone on board as possible – the more the merrier. We had FSE’s from Mowing, Fencing, Cleaning, Building Inspections, Test & Tag, Bookkeeping – Denise gave a bit of a spiel of what she could offer all the Jim’s to help with the accounting (Car Detailing, Pest Control and Dog Wash weren’t available).

Total Tools looked after us very well organising a number of Suppliers and offered some great deals and specials – see attached word doc.

All up we had over 50 FSE’s from across the divisions turn up and we hope to make it a yearly event. There was something in it for most Jims that turned up otherwise it was a good opportunity for all FSE’s just see the depth of Jims in Southern Tasmania.”

Tim Respondek, Regional Franchisor.

Jims Mowing & Garden Care (Tasmania)

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