What to ask Jim Penman, CEO of the Jim’s Group

There is an age-old ice breaker “if you could ask one famous person, living or dead, a question, what it would be?” Imagine you selected the founder of Jim’s Mowing, Jim Penman. What would you ask him? Luckily for you, this doesn’t have to be hypothetical. Jim has a weekly web show called #ASKJIM where he implores you to ask him any you may have. But the question remains, what should you ask?


Firstly, Jim is one of Australia’s most well-known businessmen. So business questions would be apt. You can learn a lot from someone’s success, but even more from where they failed. Jim will tell you on #ASKJIM that he has had more failures than most, but also much more success. You could ask things like:

  1. How did you know when you had the right idea?
  2. What are the mistakes you regret most?
  3. What is a lesson that you have learned in the last year?


What most people don’t know is that Jim has his Ph.D. in History. His main area of study was epigenetics, the study of chemical changes that occur throughout life and do not involve alterations in the DNA sequence. However, that is not his only area of interest; he has a fascination with ancient civilizations such as the Greeks and Romans. So, what are some interesting questions to ask?

  1. How can you say with absolute certainty that something happened in ancient Greece happened 3000 years ago?
  2. Would it be possible for a Roman citizen around 1 AD to obtain everything needed to make a cheeseburger, assuming they knew how to make one?
  3. Did Romans ever get hit with stray arrows or spears at the colosseum, the same way people get hit by a football today?


Jim’s other main passion is in science, as it was the other half of his studies. He loves all branches of the field and is rather knowledgable. He has been known to go quite in-depth on #ASKJIM about extremely obscure scientific principles. 

  1. If hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs, then won’t the 00.01% make a hand sanitizer resistant strain?
  2. Why are primates incapable of human speech, while animals such as parrots can emulate Human speech?
  3. Why is the human nose the shape it is? Why isn’t it just two holes in our face like other animals?

These questions are just to help you get the question asking juices flowing. You can ask Jim anything you want! Naturally, you are probably thinking about what’s in it for you. Besides the gift of knowledge, there are also prizes to be won! For the best questions of the night, we give away books either written by, or about Jim! So be sure to tune in Wednesday at 7 pm AEDST on the Jim’s Group Facebook page.