Blinds and Awnings That Will Keep You Cool Over This Summer


If there’s one thing Australians know too well is that the summer heat can be daunting. There are many types of blinds and awnings that can keep you cool during the hottest summer days. There are block out blinds that can help block the sun’s rays and mini blinds that can add an elegant touch to any room. You can also install awnings to provide shade for windows and skylights.


In addition to installing blinds and awnings are an attractive, affordable way to cool your home. They protect your interior furnishings from the harsh UV rays of the sun and improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. They are also energy-efficient and require low maintenance.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are another option for keeping the temperature in your home at a comfortable level. The modern appearance of these blinds makes them a great choice for any contemporary home. They offer the look of curtains but are easier to remove than curtains, and they don’t fold like traditional window coverings do. They’re an excellent option if you’re trying to avoid the heat during the summer.

When choosing window coverings, make sure you choose those with a high UV protection rating. UV rays can make you feel uncomfortable and cause you to sweat. Awnings and blinds can help combat these heat problems by reducing the amount of sunlight entering your house. This is especially useful in the south and west-facing windows. They can reduce the amount of solar heat gain by 65 to 77 percent. Modern window awnings are usually made of synthetic materials that are easy to clean and maintain. Light-coloured awnings reflect more light.

Retractable Blinds

Another way to stay cool is to use retractable blinds. Retractable blinds can be operated manually or with a remote control. These awnings can cover a large area without sacrificing their aesthetic value. These systems can be mounted to a pergola, wall, or glass roof.

In addition to reducing your energy costs, awnings can add an aesthetic element to your home. They reduce solar heat gain by up to 65 percent if installed on west-facing windows. Retractable awnings can also be used in winter when sunrays penetrate the windows.

With the entertaining season just getting started, now is the time to start outfitting your windows with the best curtains and blinds. Jim’s Blinds & Shutters’ expert team is available to assist you in making the best choice for your home and will walk you through the entire process.

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