Ceiling Fans in Summer

Are ceiling fans good for summer?

With airconditioning options readily available to many people, you might find yourself asking “why install a ceiling fan?” Well, we say, “why not?”

Ceiling fans are becoming more and more popular, not only in the home but in the workplace as well.  This is for a variety of reasons, with some tangible facts available to help you make a decision.

If you’ve found yourself in the age-old debate to install a ceiling fan or not, here are some factors to help you decide.


Ceiling fans are more affordable than other cooling alternatives

Cost is a huge factor these days with families having less disposable money.  The cost of a unit, installation and power usage is more expensive. A split air conditioning unit can cost between 33 to 40 cents per hour to run, and over our hot summers this can soon add up.  In comparison, the cost of a ceiling fan can be as little as 2 cents per hour, a huge saving over an extended period.

A ceiling fan is relatively less expensive than an air conditioning unit not only to buy but to install as well.  The savings are upfront.  Installation is less time consuming than an air conditioning unit and less intrusive on the structure of your home or office.

Added to this, on days that aren’t so hot you might be able to get away with just running your ceiling fan rather than your air conditioning unit. Plus, they can create complementary airflow on those absolute scorchers where you need to operate both.

They allow you to spend more time outdoors in summer

What we like about ceiling fans is the variety available today, with various colours, styles, size, functionality, interior or alfresco, and the ability to use in one area rather than have the whole unit run.

Ceiling fans during summer are becoming more popular outside in alfresco areas as they can extend the amount of time we can spend around outdoor entertainment areas in the hot dry heat Australia is notorious for.  Adjustable speeds, remote or wall-mounted controls can be applied as the heat changes with little fuss.  They can extend the outdoor entertaining area for a few more months of the year.  This also applies to the tropics, supplying a cool fresh breeze to replace the humid still air.

Fans act as their own aesthetic feature within the home

Another big plus is the ability to match a ceiling fan with your décor and lighting, incorporating these into the fan. No more issues of “that doesn’t match “. You can choose a style to complement your existing decor.  There is a ceiling fan for every taste and a new feature will also become a talking point for visitors and guests.

They require less maintenance

Ceiling fans require very little maintenance, and in the event they do require some attention, the costs are still substantially lower than the costs to maintain an air conditioning unit. Installing a ceiling fan is quick and easy, with more locations available for placement. Whereas air conditioning units can involve lengthy installation time, and places to install the unit can be limited depending on wall supports.

Overall, ceiling fans are good for summer as a viable alternative, or complementary addition, to cooling systems around Australia. Really, it’s a no brainer from us. We’re big fans!

If you’ve been convinced to find out more about ceiling fan installation then visit Jim’s Electrical to find out more or call us on 131 546 to chat with an expert near you.


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