DIY or Call Your Local Expert, featuring Jim’s Dog Wash.

Food prices are on the rise. Energy prices are going through the roof. The costs of goods and services are skyrocketing. Rising prices impact the cost of living. It’s natural that when we are feeling the financial pinch, we cut back on spending. However, when it comes to health and wellbeing, including that of our fur babies, this is one area we should not scrimp on.

Here, we look at some very important differences between DIY dog washing and using professional dog grooming services.

Common Bath Time Mistakes.

People love their furry friends unconditionally and only want the best for them. However, some common mistakes are made unintentionally when washing their dog. These include; failing to brush the fur before washing. Incorrect water temperature. The water may feel warm to touch, however, this is often too warm to bathe a dog. With the best intentions, people unwittingly use products that are too harsh for their puppy’s skin. And, as hard as they try, they just cannot seem to achieve a deep clean.

Jims Dog Wash

Jims Dog Wash

The Professional Advantage.

Professional dog grooming services, such as Jim’s Dog Wash, have specialised tools and equipment. Let’s start with the bath itself. Dog groomers generally use hydrobaths. Hydrobaths are effective because they spray fresh water and shampoo through a pressurised shower head. This gets right down into the dog’s thick coat. Dog groomers use high-quality shampoos that are gentle on your dog’s skin and don’t strip away natural oils. Quality dog shampoos tend to lather up quickly so bath time can be more effective.

The Professional Process.

Professional dog groomers have been specially trained. They follow a more professional dog washing process that you or I may not have the knowledge to do. This usually includes an initial brush to remove knots. Step 2 is a deep clean in a hydrobath. Then, your pooch must be dried properly. Forget the towelling down, for dogs with thick coats, this can lead to tangles and matted fur. Professionals carry out a full body blow dry to ensure all excess water has been removed. A secondary bush removes excess hair, and then it’s time for a squirt of after-bath cologne. Qualified dog groomers also know how important it is to reward your furry friend after bath time, for a job well done.

Jims Dog Wash

Jims Dog Wash

Specialised Dog Grooming Services.

Once Rover is all clean, it’s time to make sure he looks the part too. Dog groomers specialise in a complete range of dog grooming services. These can include nail trimming, coat clipping, coat strip-outs, flea and tick treatments, and even dog walking! To see the difference a qualified dog groomer can make to Rover’s life, book a bathtime bonanza with Jim’s Dog Wash. Click here to see our full list of dog wash services or phone Jim’s Dog Wash on 131 546.