Ducted Vs Split Air Conditioning. What’s the Difference?

Are you finding it hard to choose between a ‘ducted’ or ‘split’ system air conditioner?  Most people who are building or renovating have the same problem. Let’s have a look at both systems and see if we can help you choose the right one for your home.

1. What is Ducted Air Conditioning?

Generally, ducted systems are reverse cycle, meaning they can heat and cool.

The main unit is located outside your home at ground level. The central fan coil that pushes cool air through the home is located out of sight in the roof space. Ducts carry the cool or warm air to each room via a ceiling duct. A ducted system may be better to cover large areas and control temperatures throughout the house.

Jims Group - AC and Ducted Heating

Jims Group - AC and Ducted Heating

2. What is Split System Air Conditioning?

Generally, split systems are reverse cycle so they can also heat and cool.

The main unit located outside the house draws fresh air in and adjusts the air temperature. The split unit located inside on the wall, pushes cool or warm air into the room. There is no ducting to other rooms, so additional units may be required for each room. A split system is effective for single rooms and smaller areas.

3. What is Evaporative air conditioning?

Without wanting to make your choice even harder, if it is only cooling that you are looking for, you can’t ignore evaporative air conditioning. The main unit is located on the roof where a fan draws fresh air through a cooling pad. It ventilates the cool air into each room of the house through ducts and ceiling vents. It is cost effective to install and economical to run.

Jims Group - AC and Ducted Heating

Jims Group - AC and Ducted Heating

4. Will it fit?

Some houses do not have the roof space for a ducted system. In some established homes, it may not be possible to run ducting downstairs. In this case, a solution may be to install a ducted system upstairs with one or more split system downstairs.

Now that you have a little more information, why not call a Jim’s air conditioning expert who can show you all the options and recommend a system that fits your home as well as your budget.

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