Embracing a New Horizon: Craig Wood’s Journey from Corporate Professional to Jim’s Franchise Owner

Meet Craig Wood, who left the constraints of his corporate life to find fulfillment, flexibility, and success as a franchise owner with Jim’s Mowing. Join us as we delve into his incredible journey of career shift, learning, and growth, where Craig transformed from a seasoned corporate professional to a thriving entrepreneur with Jim’s Group.

Craig Wood’s Pre-Jim’s Group Era: A Professional Life Seeking Purpose

Explore Craig Wood’s life before Jim’s Group, where he spent nearly 29 years in the printing and public relations industry. As a dedicated family man working in middle management and team leadership roles, Craig had built a respectable professional reputation. However, despite his success, he felt a longing for something more fulfilling and a growing sense that his corporate career was missing a vital component.

In his daily routine, Craig found himself stuck in repetitive tasks, feeling disconnected from his true passions, and dealing with the stress that often accompanies the corporate world. His work-life balance was skewed, and the desire to be more involved with his family life started to grow.

With the seeds of change beginning to sprout, Craig’s interest in the outdoors and hands-on work led him to consider opportunities outside his familiar corporate environment. He knew that his skills and experience could be transferred to a new career where he would have more control over his daily life, enjoy greater satisfaction, and still provide for his family.

It was in this context that Craig began to explore the world of franchising, specifically looking for opportunities that aligned with his interest in gardening and outdoor work. He was not only seeking a business opportunity but a chance to reinvent his professional identity and find a new way of life that resonated with his core values.

Craig’s story up to this point paints a relatable picture for many who find themselves in a similar position, trapped in a job that doesn’t fulfill them and yearning for a fresh start. His experience serves as an encouraging example for those considering buying a franchise or starting a business, particularly in an area they are passionate about. It also underscores the importance of self-awareness and courage in taking the first steps toward a more satisfying and purpose-driven career.

The Turning Point: Why Craig Said Goodbye to His Corporate Career

Discover the catalysts that led Craig to leave his corporate role behind. From feeling burnt out and stressed to a longing for control over his life, understand the reasons that drove him towards Jim’s Mowing.

After nearly three decades in the corporate world, Craig found himself at a crossroads. The spark that once drove him seemed to have dimmed, replaced by a growing sense of dissatisfaction, stress, and even anxiety. The long hours, constant deadlines, and lack of personal freedom were taking their toll, leaving Craig feeling burnt out and yearning for change.

The Desire for Flexibility: Craig’s rigid schedule in the corporate world left little room for personal interests or spending quality time with family. Missing important events and not being able to plan his daily life weighed heavily on him. His desire to be more present for his family, to attend his children’s school functions or local footy games, became a driving force for change.

The Need for Personal Fulfillment: Craig began to realize that his corporate role was not aligning with his personal values and interests. The monotony of his daily routine was draining his passion, and he felt the urge to connect with work that resonated more deeply with who he was. He started dreaming of a job where he could work with his hands, be outdoors, and find joy in his daily tasks.

Financial Control and Independence: The lure of owning his business and having control over his financial future became an attractive option. Craig wanted to be his boss, make decisions that directly affected his income, and build something he could be proud of. He wanted to invest in a franchise that provided both stability and the promise of growth.

Health Considerations: The stress and sedentary lifestyle associated with his corporate job began to impact Craig’s health. He knew that a career shift could not only provide professional satisfaction but also improve his mental and physical well-being. The idea of being more active, engaging with nature, and reducing stress was appealing.

Exploration of Franchising Opportunities: Craig’s interest in a career transformation led him to explore various franchising options. His love for gardening guided him towards Jim’s Mowing, where he saw a chance to combine his passion for the outdoors with a proven business model. The world of franchising opened up a path to achieve his dreams without starting from scratch.

The Support of His Family: With his family’s encouragement and understanding of his desire for change, Craig felt empowered to take the leap. They saw the toll his corporate job was taking on him and supported his decision to pursue a franchise with Jim’s Mowing.

Craig’s decision to leave his corporate career was not made overnight. It was a thoughtful and gradual process, filled with self-reflection and research. His story is an inspiration for anyone feeling trapped in their current profession and considering a franchise as a way to break free. If the idea of starting a business, buying a franchise, or making a significant career change resonates with you, Craig’s journey might be the encouragement you need to take that vital first step. His success with Jim’s Mowing shows that it’s possible to align your career with your passions, values, and lifestyle, creating a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Embarking on Success: Why Jim’s Mowing Stood Out for Craig

Follow Craig’s journey with Jim’s Mowing, learning why he chose this franchise over others. From quality services to training opportunities, see what drew Craig to the Jim’s Mowing family.

As Craig started exploring franchise opportunities, he was clear about his goals. He wanted a business that aligned with his passion for the outdoors, provided flexibility, had a proven track record of success, and offered robust support. Jim’s Mowing ticked all the boxes. Here’s a deeper dive into the reasons that made Jim’s Mowing stand out for Craig:

A Passion for Outdoors: Craig was looking for an opportunity that allowed him to work outdoors and nurture his love for gardening. Jim’s Mowing, the largest gardening franchise in the world, was a natural fit. The range of services like mowing, garden care, landscaping, and more, provided a perfect blend of his interests and professional prospects.

Brand Reputation and Success Rate: Jim’s Mowing has an excellent reputation for high-quality services and customer satisfaction. As a part of Jim’s Group, a well-known brand with a successful franchise model, it offered Craig the confidence of stepping into a tried and tested business. The brand’s success rate, coupled with its impressive customer reviews, played a significant role in Craig’s decision.

Training and Support: One of the decisive factors was the comprehensive training provided by Jim’s Mowing. Despite starting in the midst of a lockdown, Craig’s in-person training quickly transitioned to online, ensuring uninterrupted learning. The ability to interact with other potential franchisees during the training, coupled with the extensive support from the team, made him feel a part of the Jim’s family from day one.

Flexibility and Control: Craig was drawn to the flexibility that Jim’s Mowing offered. He could set his work hours, choose the jobs he wanted to take, and have the freedom to grow his business at his pace. This control over his schedule was a stark contrast to his previous corporate role and a significant attraction.

Community and Networking: Jim’s Mowing offered Craig a sense of community. The regular meetings with other franchisees provided networking opportunities, and a platform to share experiences, learn from others, and even form friendships. This sense of belonging to a larger family was a major advantage.

Scope for Growth: Craig saw the potential for growth with Jim’s Mowing. The variety of services he could offer meant that he wasn’t confined to just mowing. He had the chance to diversify his business, learn new skills, and meet a wider range of customer needs.

Blossoming with Jim’s: Craig Wood’s Thriving Franchise Success

Witness the end results of Craig’s choice to join Jim’s Mowing. From building a successful business to improving his overall well-being, observe how Craig’s life has been enriched through this decision.

The transformation in Craig’s life after joining Jim’s Mowing is nothing short of remarkable. The combination of a fulfilling career, personal growth, and the joy of running his own business has led to a new chapter in his life, filled with success, satisfaction, and happiness. Let’s delve into the facets of Craig’s thriving success story with Jim’s Mowing:

Building a Thriving Business: Starting with just a truck and basic tools, Craig’s journey from a novice to a successful franchise owner is a true success story. With hard work, the right mindset, and leveraging the support and training provided by Jim’s Mowing, Craig grew his business to include a team of employees and a fleet of vehicles. His commitment to quality service has led to a loyal customer base, consistent growth, and the establishment of a strong local brand.

Improved Work-Life Balance: One of the most significant changes Craig experienced was the shift in his work-life balance. The flexibility offered by the franchise allowed him to control his schedule and spend more time with family. This change in lifestyle brought about an increased sense of happiness and fulfillment that extended beyond his professional life.

Community Involvement: Craig’s decision to join Jim’s Mowing didn’t just transform his life but also positively impacted his local community. By providing employment opportunities and actively participating in community events, he became a well-known and respected local business owner. His connection to the community amplified his success, and he has become a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs in his area.

Investment in Personal Growth: Craig’s growth as a business owner was paralleled by his personal development. He honed his leadership skills, learned how to manage a team, handle financials, and navigate the challenges of running a business. This learning curve not only made him a successful entrepreneur but also contributed to his overall personal growth.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Franchise: Craig’s success story emphasizes the significance of choosing a franchise that aligns with one’s goals, interests, and values. His journey illustrates how the right fit can lead to both professional success and personal satisfaction.

Health and Well-being: Craig’s previous corporate job had left him feeling stressed and burnt out. The decision to join Jim’s Mowing resulted in a positive change in his overall well-being. Engaging in physical work, spending time outdoors, and having control over his life contributed to improved mental and physical health.

Inspirational Leadership: Craig’s story is not just about his success but about the inspiration he has become for others. By sharing his journey and the lessons he’s learned, he’s motivating others who are looking to start their business or buy a franchise.

Craig Wood’s flourishing success with Jim’s Mowing illustrates the power of making a choice that resonates with one’s inner self. It’s a roadmap for anyone considering taking a similar path. His thriving franchise success is a testament to the potential that lies within the world of franchising, especially when you choose a path that aligns with your passions, skills, and life goals.

The story of Craig’s journey with Jim’s Mowing is not just a tale of business success; it’s a life lesson. It teaches us that success and fulfillment lie in pursuing what resonates with our true selves, and Craig’s story is a shining example of this truth. If you’re considering starting your own business or buying a franchise, his experiences could provide the insights, motivation, and affirmation you need to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.


Craig Wood’s transition from a corporate environment to a franchise owner with Jim’s Mowing is more than just a career change; it’s a life transformation. 

His story serves as a beacon for those looking to align their professional path with their passions, values, and desires. Craig’s thriving success with Jim’s Mowing doesn’t only reflect in his flourishing business but also in a more balanced and joyful life. 

If you’re contemplating a change, let Craig’s story inspire you to take that bold step.

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