From Carpentry to Franchising: Duane Collins’ Journey with Jim’s Test & Tag

A Dive into Duane Collins’ Transition to Jim’s Test & Tag

Delving into the world of franchising often comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. For Duane Collins, his transition from a builder and carpenter to a pivotal role at Jim’s Test & Tag is a testament to the brand’s impact and potential. Let’s journey through Duane’s experiences, exploring what led him to Jim’s and how it transformed his life.

Crafting a New Path: The Evolution from Builder to Franchisor – Duane’s Backstory

Duane Collins, a stalwart with over 14 years under his belt in Queensland’s bustling Jim’s Test & Tag ecosystem, boasts a journey that’s both intriguing and inspiring. His initiation into the professional world wasn’t in the domain of testing and tagging; rather, it was amidst wooden beams, nails, and hammers. 

As a dedicated builder and a skilled carpenter, Duane thrived in the world of construction. However, as time passed and age played its inevitable role, he felt his physical strength waning. The relentless demands of carpentry, combined with the wear and tear on his body, began to weigh him down. 

It wasn’t just a mere nudge; it was a wake-up call prompting Duane to reassess his professional trajectory. Recognizing the signs, Duane began exploring avenues that would be less taxing physically but equally, if not more, rewarding; which led him to franchising with Jim’s Group.

Stumbling Upon Opportunity: How Jim’s Caught Duane’s Eye

Sometimes, the most life-altering decisions aren’t born out of meticulous planning or exhaustive analysis. For Duane, the shift towards Jim’s Test & Tag was serendipitous. It wasn’t charts, graphs, or strategic planning that drew him in. 

It was a chance encounter with a diligent worker swiftly managing tests on his construction site. This unscheduled interaction showcased an aspect of business that Duane had previously overlooked: the seamless blend of service efficiency and simplicity.

He took what some might call a spontaneous step, jotting down the contact details emblazoned on the worker’s shirt. After reaching out, Duane found himself navigating the corridors of Jim’s expansive headquarters in Melbourne. 

Within the walls of Jim’s head office, Duane encountered tales of growth, insights into the company’s dedication to service excellence, and glimpses of the vast scope within the Jim’s empire. 

Going Beyond the Tag: The Comprehensive Jim’s Advantage

When an individual decides to switch career paths, the inherent risks and uncertainties can be overwhelming. However, as Duane delved deeper into the workings of Jim’s Test & Tag, he was soon met with an array of benefits that affirmed his choice:

Holistic Service Portfolio

Jim’s Test & Tag is not just about sticking labels. Their expansive suite of services includes everything from detailed electrical testing to maintaining essential fire equipment. They even step in for tasks as seemingly simple yet crucial as replacing light globes, showcasing their commitment to covering all grounds for their clientele.

Pan-Australian Presence

Being a part of Jim’s means tapping into a vast network that spans the entire nation. For businesses that operate across different states, Jim’s ensures consistent and quality service delivery, eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple service providers.

Diverse Offerings Under One Roof

Duane was quick to highlight that Jim’s is not just a one-trick pony. Along with their hallmark testing and tagging services, they branch out into other critical areas like safety switch protection, ensuring workplaces have adequately stocked first aid kits and more. 

This wide range of services ensures businesses don’t have to scatter their needs across multiple providers, offering convenience and consistency.

From Carpentry to Commitment: How Jim’s Reframed Duane’s Professional Journey

Embarking on a journey with Jim’s Test & Tag was more than just a career shift for Duane; it was a complete transformation of his professional narrative. Let’s delve into the multifaceted impact this association had on Duane’s life:

A Calendar That Speaks Volumes

It’s rare for professionals to have their schedules packed for months in advance, but such is the allure and reliability of Jim’s that Duane found himself in this envious position. Without the need to scout for new clients for almost seven years, it’s evident that the brand’s promise is not mere words, but a commitment they wholeheartedly uphold.

Passion Personified

Switching industries can often lead to a challenging transitional phase, but Duane’s story is one of seamless integration. His dedication isn’t about clocking hours; it’s about ensuring every client feels valued. This fervor to exceed expectations is echoed in the manner in which Duane and his team approach their tasks.

Endorsement through Engagement

Having clients who have stayed on for the entirety of one’s journey with a brand is a rare commendation. In Duane’s case, it speaks to both his individual commitment and the collective ethos of Jim’s Test & Tag. It’s clear that when clients choose Jim’s, they aren’t looking for a one-time service; they’re investing in a long-term relationship.


Duane Collins’ story is a shining example of how a change in career direction, backed by a reputable and supportive brand, can lead to unimaginable success. 

His journey with Jim’s Test & Tag serves as an inspiration for many aspiring franchisees, emphasizing the importance of hard work, quality, and brand reliability. 

Whether you’re a carpenter or a corporate individual, there’s a place for everyone at Jim’s, provided you’re equipped with passion and dedication.

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