Genuine customer review for a Jim’s Mowing garden cleanup job

Customer review for Adam & Caitlin from Jim’s Mowing

I would like to let you know that we have had a Fantastic experience with Jim’s Mowing/Gardening.

It started with my initial phone call. I was extremely pleased with how quick I was responded to by Adam. He called me within a short period of speaking with an operator on my request for a quote. He and Caitlin came out that afternoon & quoted the job with a date. To this day, I am still waiting for gardeners to call me back.

My son & husband met with them and explained what we wanted done..we were initially just wanting the front yard done, they were understanding of the whole situation and they were shown the back yard as well.. we had already had the front yard quoted so knew roughly what we were looking at.

Adam & Caitlin quoted us for front & back to be cleared for far less than we were quoted just for the front, so my son booked them in on the 28th of December. Sure enough, the day before we received a text telling us they would be there at a specific time to start on the 28th that they were on time & ready to go. We found that they worked solid & strong. They stopped for their lunch, explained they were off for their lunch break & that they would be back shortly..sure enough, they were. We watched as they pulled Ivy, weeds, roots, junk and much much more from the front garden. Neither one of them really took a break for the whole day..they were like machines. They pulled rocks away to get to whatever was around and under them. The garden was fully overgrown with plants, Ivy, Monsteras & their root system and lots of rubbish.

The next day they were back again .. on time ready to go. Again both worked like machines or robots..Consciousness head down and bum up! They spoke to us many a time as they worked away, they were polite and caring. Nothing was too much for them. They put in another full solid day’s work. For the clean garden ups, we had hired two 9 metre skips, Adam would frequently get into the skip & push down all the rubble & foliage to make extra room. He was extremely thoughtful of the fact that if you push it down & fill the gaps, more will go in. A lot would have just filled the skips and not worried about doing this!!

On the 3rd day, they finished the front .. they did a fantastic job of changing the look of the property.. it was all cleared & tidied up. They then headed out to the backyard and started clearing & cleaning it.. again they worked like machines, by that afternoon it was all finished. They had completed the front & back yard in the time they stated.

I wanted to let you know that we found Adam & Caitlin to be extremely Consciousness, polite and bloody hard workers.. nothing was too much trouble for them, they were both honest & reliable. I will and have already strongly recommended the two of them to anyone that requires anything done.

We are all quick to complain about a service not done to our standards but fail to recognise or acknowledge a job well done.

To Adam & Caitlin, credit is well and truly due for their efforts and extremely good work with fantastic results for us.

We pass on our gratitude to them through you as they carry the Jim’s Mowing Name Brand..they wear the uniform and carry the name with the utmost pride.

Thank you for reading my email, although long-winded. Attached are before & after pictures of both yards. Which I am sure you too will be impressed by their work.

They saved us a lot of time & pain..we attempted in doing but they succeeded with favourable results.


Margaret & Carl

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