How do I start a Jim’s Mowing franchise?

Since 1989, Jim’s Mowing has been providing reliable and high quality lawn mowing and gardening services to homes and businesses across the world. With over 1,500 franchisees working across Australia and New Zealand, Jim’s Mowing is the Group’s largest and oldest division. 

There are many reasons why Jim’s Mowing continues to grow with each passing year. Starting a Jim’s Mowing franchise means that you get to set your own hours, work in a unique environment, and build up your very own business. For those who already enjoy spending time outdoors, a Jim’s Mowing franchise offers them a unique opportunity to turn their hobby into a career.

Is there money in mowing lawns? 

Believe it or not, but there’s lots of money to be made in the gardening and lawn care industry. All gardens and lawns need regular maintenance, but not everyone has the time to do the job themselves. At Jim’s Mowing, we provide both commercial and residential clients with high quality gardening services, and demand from middle to high income households and older Australians is forecasted to grow over the next few years. 

A Jim’s Mowing franchise has massive earning potential. Many of our franchisees are earning six-figures within a few years, with some making over $300,000 of sales in their first year! When you become a Jim’s Mowing franchisee, you get the opportunity to set your own prices, build up your own client base, and hire your own employees. Therefore, a Jim’s Mowing franchise has an extremely high potential for growth and expansion. When it comes to your earning potential, the sky’s the limit.

What’s even better is that Jim’s Group offers a unique income guarantee. We have what we call a ‘Pay For Work Guarantee’, which guarantees our franchise owners a stable, living income. We understand that starting any business can be tough, so we offer this guarantee as a safety net that our franchisees can fall back on while they get their business on its feet.

How do I value my lawn care business?

The value or worth of a business relies on how much profit it will make balanced by the risks involved. Historic cash flow, profitability, and asset values are all key considerations for valuing a lawn care business. However, it’s the intangible factors such as goodwill, brand recognition, and potential for growth that often add the most value. 

Since there are so many variables to consider, valuing a lawn care business on your own can be tricky. If possible, it’s always best to seek professional advice on how to value your business through your accountant, your business advisor, or a broker. 


How much does a Jim’s Mowing franchise cost?

One of the main advantages of buying a Jim’s Mowing franchise instead of a retail franchise is that the startup costs involved with a Jim’s franchise are relatively low. A Jim’s Mowing franchise with no customers starts from $38,000, whilst a franchise with customers starts from $45,000. When you compare it to the initial investment requirements of some retail franchises (many of which start at six figures!), our startup costs are relatively affordable and attainable. What’s even better is that unlike most franchise businesses in the country, we only charge our franchisees a flat monthly fee. That means that you get to keep more of your hard earned money for yourself. 

How much is Jim’s Mowing worth?

Since each Jim’s Mowing franchise is a separate business, each franchise is valued independently. A Jim’s franchise net worth will depend largely on several defining factors, for example, its region and territory. It makes sense that a franchise in a busy region and territory would be more expensive to purchase than one in a smaller region. Jim’s Group as a whole, on the other hand, has an annual turnover of approximately $500 million and continues to grow with each passing year.  

How does Jim’s Mowing work? 

Jim’s Mowing is fairly straightforward when it comes to its structure. Franchisees provide services to customers, while our franchisors provide support to franchisees. Although a Jim’s franchise belongs to the wider Jim’s Group network, the whole idea is for each franchise to operate an autonomous business. Franchisees are responsible for running the day-to-day operations of their business and are given the freedom to run their own marketing campaigns, build their own business strategies, and hire their own staff. Of course, head office is always on hand for ongoing support, including Jim Penman himself, with whom all franchisees have direct contact. 

Leads come through a dedicated call centre located at the company’s headquarters in Mooroolbark, Victoria. Considering that the group receives around 200,000 unserviced leads each year, finding work generally isn’t an issue for most franchisees. The goal, however, is for franchisees to become more and more self-sufficient over time and less reliant on leads coming into the main call centre. As franchisees continue to make connections within their communities and as they continue to build up their customer base, most find themselves operating quite successfully from referrals and repeat customers within a few years.

Where was Jim’s Mowing founded? 

Jim’s Mowing was founded in 1989 in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, it has expanded its operations to every state and territory in Australia, as well as New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and even Canada. Operations continue to grow each year, and there are plenty of opportunities for growth both here in Australia and internationally. 

How do I join Jim’s Mowing? 

The first step to joining Jim’s Mowing is to simply start the conversation. Once you’ve submitted an enquiry (either online or by calling our 131 546 number), you’ll be put in touch with a Jim’s Mowing franchisor who will share with you everything you need to know about joining the group. If it sounds good to you, you’ll be invited to spend a day on the road with a local franchisee to experience for yourself a day in the life as a Jim. 

If you’ve enjoyed your experience on the road and you’re interested in joining the Group, we can begin organising contracts for you and we’ll also book you into our training program. Here at Jim’s Group, we provide all of our prospective franchise owners with a 3-day training course at our head office in Mooroolbark, Victoria. During your course, you’ll get to meet our founder and managing director, Jim Penman, as well as other prospective franchise owners who are also looking to kickstart their new careers. We don’t ask you to sign a contract before you attend training, so you’re invited to attend with no strings attached. It’s a great opportunity to really get a feel for the company and to confirm whether or not a Jim’s Mowing franchise is the business for you.

If you love working outdoors and would like an opportunity to turn your hobby into a career, a Jim’s Mowing franchise may be the perfect fit for you. At Jim’s Mowing, we’re always on the lookout for new, motivated people to join our ever-expanding division. If you’re curious to learn more, give us a call on 131 546 or enquire online to talk about next steps today.