How many Jim’s services are there?

From dog grooming to pool care, it seems like Jim’s does it all. With over 4,350 franchisees Australia-wide and 50 divisions available on the market, Jim’s Group is Australia’s largest franchising family and a leader in the mobile service industry. What started out as a humble gardening side-gig is now one of the most instantly recognisable brands in the country. So, how did we get to where we are today, and how many services are there really on offer?

How many divisions are in the Jim’s Group?

Amazingly, Jim’s Group has over 50 service divisions across its portfolio. Whatever it is that you need, whether it be help around the home, help with your finances, or even help with your groceries, there’s a Jim’s franchisee out there to service those needs!

Things move fast here at Jim’s Group. We have new divisions starting up all the time. We’re always on the lookout for new innovative ideas and strong leaders to put them into action. Just this year, we saw the launch of Jim’s Jumping Castles & Party Hire, Jim’s Poo Patrol, and Jim’s Laundry Services. With so many options to choose from, there’s something out there to suit every skill set.

How many Jim’s franchises are there?

Today, there are over 4,350 Jim’s franchises Australia-wide, making Jim’s Group the largest franchising family in Australia. Our business is made up of everyday entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do. We have franchisees working in every Australian state and territory, as well as overseas in New Zealand and Canada!

Our company continues to grow with each passing year. Our services are in high demand, so we’re always on the lookout for new, motivated people to join our growing family. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a Jim’s Group franchisee, get in contact today and we’ll put you in touch with a franchisor who will be able to answer all your questions about becoming a Jim.

What is Jim’s largest division?

The largest division at Jim’s Group is our Mowing division, which has over 1,500 franchisees working across Australia and New Zealand. Jim’s Mowing is our oldest and most popular division. It’s also what people most commonly associate us with when they hear of Jim’s Group.

Coming in at a close second for our largest division is Jim’s Cleaning, which was our second ever division to be founded. As our business continues to grow and expand, it’s safe to say that every single one of our divisions has the potential to scale up massively over the years.

What was the first Jim’s?

The story of Jim’s starts in the 1980s when university student Jim Penman decided to start a part-time gardening business to support himself as he completed his PhD. Within a few years, the business had kicked off. Jim’s Mowing had established for itself a good reputation in the community and Jim was finding a steady stream of work coming from regular and new customers. In 1982, he decided to take the plunge and work on his growing business on a full-time basis. Just a few years later, in 1989, he sold his first Jim’s Mowing franchise and began laying the foundations for what the company is today.

Who is the largest franchise group in Australia?

Jim’s Group is the largest home service franchise in Australia. Today, Jim’s Group is home to more than 4,350 franchise owners and operates in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

We continue to grow with each passing year. It may be hard to believe, but we turn away over 100,000 leads every single year! There’s simply too much demand and not enough people on-hand to service them. So, if you’re looking to start your own business this year, get in touch today and ask us all the questions you have about signing on as a Jim’s franchisee.

What is the best franchise to buy?

One of the appeals of owning a Jim’s franchise is that our business model allows our people to have freedom over their lives. They can choose to work when they want and where they want. What’s even better is that we have an income guarantee, meaning that we give our people peace of mind and financial security from their very first day on the job.

Compared to other franchise groups, purchasing a Jim’s Group franchise is relatively affordable. Since we run off a home service model, our franchisees are able to start their businesses with minimal start-up costs. This means that you can say goodbye to expensive overheads and exorbitant rent.

When it comes to picking a division to buy, ask yourself this: what is it that you enjoy doing? If you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. With over 50 divisions available on the market, there’s something to suit every skill set. But if you’re still unsure, you’re welcome to do a trial day with an experienced franchisee to gain some insight into a typical day in the life of a Jim.

If you lack experience in the industry, there’s nothing to worry about. Here at Jim’s Group, we provide training to all of our onboarding franchisees, so don’t let a lack of experience deter you from starting the business of your dreams.


Are you looking for a career change this year? As a Jim’s franchise owner, you’ll be given the freedom to set your own working hours and to be your own boss. We’re always on the lookout for new, motivated people to join our growing business, so give us a call today on 13 15 46 or enquire online to talk about next steps.