Jim’s Mowing – How to achieve that perfect edge for your lawn

When starting out, one of the most challenging things when attempting to perfect your lawn is edging. Having razor sharp edges can transform your lawn from a good one to a great one. So, what are the tricks of the trade? Today, we’ll show you 3 simple ways to achieve those beautiful straight lines that your lawn deserves.

Jims Outdoor

A dedicated solution

Undoubtedly, the best way to achieve a flawless edge is to have a dedicated edging tool. These are designed for one thing and one thing only: creating the perfect edge. They cater to all skill types, from beginners to the most experienced green thumbs. If you’re looking for an edger, we recommend you have a look at the Multi-Tool Edger attachment from our good friends at EGO.

For those with whipper snippers…

Now, we understand most tend not to have a dedicated edger, and that many of you will most likely own a whipper snipper. As displayed above, a popular technique to edge is to hold the whipper snipper vertically. Though this method can achieve great results, when using 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, this can be very damaging for your ears and breathing.

Mikes Method

Mike’s preferred method is to hold the whipper snipper 90 degrees away and to slowly walk backwards. As seen above, this method allows us to achieve those straight lines with ease! Please make sure the path behind you is clear of any hazards before attempting this.

However, these results cannot be achieved overnight, a perfect edge takes time and practice. If you’re looking for instant results, why not leave it to your Local Edging Expert, Jim’s Mowing? Call us on 131 546 to get a free quote.