How to Fix Green Pool Water.

Swimming pools can turn green very quickly, even overnight! Green pools not only look unsightly, they also pose a health risk. It’s best to get on to it straight away. The longer you leave a green pool, the harder it is to clean. Before we jump right in, no pun intended, let’s find out why pools turn green.

What causes a green pool?

The short answer to what causes a green pool is algae. The most common equation for algae is warm weather plus a bit of sunlight, minus adequate amounts of chlorine. Voila…. you have pool algae! Algae could also sneak into your pool water as microscopic particles on someone’s bathers or on pool toys. Now you know where that pesky algae came from, let’s move right on to knowing how to fix green pool water.

Jim's Pool Care

Jim's Pool Care

Clean the Pool.

If your pool has turned green after a storm, start with a basic pool clean. After wild weather, it’s highly likely there is large amount of debris in the pool. This may have affected the chemical balance. Remove the debris, and empty the skimmer and pump baskets. Now you can concentrate on removing the algae.

Shock Treatment.

The fastest and most effective way to help clear algae is to boost your chlorine levels. This is called a shock treatment. Increasing the amount of chlorine in your pool will destroy algae and bacteria. It’s also important to lower the pH level of the water with hydrochloric acid, so the chlorine will be more effective. Once you’ve done this, make sure the pool’s filter system is running for about 24 hours to disperse the shock treatment.

Jim's Pool Care

Jim's Pool Care

Brush and Vacuum.

If your pool is a darker shade of green, you may also have to exert a bit of hard yakka. Brush down the pool walls to loosen the dirt and algae. You may also need to give the steps a good scrubbing too. If this method doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can try a pool flocculant. This chemical will gather all the floating particles in the pool and send them to the bottom. Once they’ve settled on the bottom, it’s time for a vacuum.

The Easy Way.

You know there is an easier way to fix green pool water? Call in the professional pool cleaners! Highly trained pool technicians will test your pool water and automatically know how to turn green pool water blue again. Jim’s Pool Care technicians have received extensive training to truly be a local expert you can rely on. Call Jim’s Pool Care on 131 546 or visit their website by clicking here.

Jim's Pool Care