Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Are you considering redoing your home interior in 2022?

Here are the best interior design trends to look out for in the new year to ensure that your home is looking its best.

Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how important it is to enjoy being in our homes.

With all the stress and uncertainty Australians have experienced over the past two years of the pandemic, it’s no wonder that interior design trends heading into 2022 are all about creating calming, joyful spaces that are ultra-functional and comfortable.

This shift to spending much more time at home means people are redefining what they expect from their homes.

Our homes now perform multiple functions – they are offices, schools, retreats, and even function as bars and restaurants.

Because of this, trends are also turning to more customisation and much fewer ‘cookie cutter’ home designs.

Here are some interior design trends to look out for in 2022.

Indoor houseplant

Nature-inspired design

With fewer opportunities to get outdoors, people are looking for ways to bring the essence of the outdoors inside.

Designers are now using natural, organic materials like timber and stone and using a muted natural colour palette with earthy greens, blues and browns for paints and fabrics.

Blue in particular has seen a spike in popularity in kitchen spaces where joinery and marble benchtops are highlighted with the colour.

In keeping with the design emphasis on the natural world, the houseplant trend isn’t going anywhere.

Rounded shapes

Rounded edges and shapes have gained popularity over the last five years and aren’t losing popularity in 2022.

The rounded edge can be seen in everything – from coffee tables and chairs to mirrors and decorative pieces.

This design aesthetic creates flow in homes seeking cosy and safe sanctuaries.

According to behavioural and emotional studies, curvilinear forms in interior spaces promotes a higher level of relaxation, making rounded shapes perfect for households looking to create cosy, safe havens away from the outside world.

Warm neutrals

The desire for softer, more comfortable spaces has seen a shift from previously popular cool tones to warm neutrals.

Everything from bedding to bathroom features has transitioned to warm ivory’s and browns, creating a cocooning colour palette.

To jump on board this trend in a big way, you could go all out and have your floors redone.

Light, natural stained floorboards are trending, so peak to your flooring expert about sanding your floors back to revarnish in a lighter hue.

For carpeted areas, choose soft fabrics in natural shades of beige and cream.

Multi-functional spaces

More time spent in the home has created a need for multi-purpose spaces.

2022 trends lean towards easily transitional areas so that daytime workspaces can transform into comfortable, relaxing areas after hours.

With many of us choosing to continue working remotely, offices or study areas are now must-have spaces within the home.

These areas are entirely personal and need to be designed in a way that is compatible with your workflow to encourage productivity, functionality and be aesthetically pleasing.

This is great if you have the space, but smaller homes and apartments may need some creativity to make separate spaces.

You could consider hiring a handyman to come and build a drop-down workspace on one of your walls, functioning as a desk throughout the day and a decorative wall design in the evenings.


Now that Australians are able to have friends and family back in the home, there is a newfound appreciation for entertaining.

In-home entertaining in 2022 will see more of us turning our attention to experimenting and creating beautiful tablescapes for alfresco lunches and dinner parties.

Keep an eye out for unusual tablecloths and placemats to liven up your table, with those designs reminiscent of restaurant experiences currently in vogue.

Feature walls

Although natural hues are trending, there is no reason why you can’t try a bold feature.

To design something expressive and fun, why not create a feature wall?

That’s right, the early 2000’s trend of feature walls is back!

This design trend allows you the space to experiment with style and taste without committing to an entire room.

You could try a fun, flocked wallpaper or have a professional painter come in to create a textured, bold look.

Zen interiors

Carrying on from the nature-inspired trend, zen interior spaces will be at the forefront of home design in 2022.

This trend encompasses:

  • Minimalism;
  • Organic shapes;
  • Indoor plants;
  • Natural materials and colours; and
  • Calming atmospheres.


If you aren’t planning on jumping on board with any other 2022 home design trends, make this the one you consider.

Sustainability is something every household should get behind and will hopefully become a standard part of our lives.

Upcycling is key to moving away from mass-produced furniture and decorations with a focus on sustainability.

You could:

  • Source furniture from Facebook Marketplace and vintage stores to upcycle;
  • Choose eco-friendly fabrics like linen and hemp cloth;
  • Seek out furniture made from recycled materials; or
  • Remake your old pieces into something new by reupholstering or repainting them.

Source locally made products

The Covid-19 pandemic has reignited the ‘shop local’ movement to support local businesses that have had a hard few years.

Shopping locally supports the economy and reduces our environmental impact.

This trend also extends to incorporating handcrafted and one-of-a-kind ceramics, sculpted or carved objects into our homes for a personal touch.

These one-off pieces add character, creating entirely unique looks in every home.

Provincial style

Speaking of unique pieces, design trends are also seeing a spike in the reformation of the classic provincial look with vintage pieces rich in meaning and history.

Many are turning away from fast, mass-produced furniture to finding pieces that tell a story.

It’s about making old new again.

But rather than modelling your home with a strict design aesthetic, consider pairing antique-style furniture with modern pieces to create a custom design.

To keep up with trends in 2022, your interior space should reflect the multi-purpose space that most homes have now become.

But with so many people home for such a large part of the day, keeping a calm, tranquil aesthetic is vital to your happiness.

Consider natural tones, rounded edges and a focus on separating your home and work life.

While this may mean you need to get creative with your indoor spaces, but you’ll have so much fun designing them!

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