Jim’s Book – The Surprising Story of Jim Penman – Australia’s Backyard MillionaireYou might have seen Jim in the media a lot recently and it’s due to the release of the new biography written by Catherine Moolenschot appropriately named Jim’s Book.

The new biography is certainly a no holds bar type of book in which over 100 people were interviewed. If you are curious about the unusual story behind Australia’s largest home-service franchise, and the man who made it happen – sometimes because of, and sometimes despite himself, youwill find this book a fascinating read.

If you want to learn how he made his millions you will enjoy reading about the surprising mistakes Jim made, as well as the things he did unconventionally; it is informative, at times odd,and at other times deeply inspiring.

If you are thinking of becoming a franchise in any industry, this book will help you decide if it’s right for you.To learn more about the book and purchase a copy please visit  https://catherinemoolenschot.com.au/books/jims-book/

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