Storm Damage and Window Cleaning.

Aussie poet Isobel Mackellar eloquently warned us that Australia is a sunburnt country. A land of sweeping plains, with ragged mountain ranges, droughts and flooding rains. The Bureau of Meteorology recorded 4,978 storms across Australia in the last 10 years, supporting Isobel’s observation.

Thunder down under.

It’s a ripper country, but fair dinkum mate, is there any flamin’ wonder we cop our share of storm damage. Crikey, the weather can be good as gold at brekky, a bit iffy by lunch, then completely cactus by mid arvo. It’s a little unpredictable down under. Just like Men at Work wrote,” Can you hear, can you hear the thunder”.

Jims outdoor

Jims outdoor

Hard Yakka.

After a storm, just keeping all the windows clean can be hard yakka. With work, and running after the kids, you’re probably flat out like a lizard drinking. Deadset, if ya think ya can get through the to-do list, you’ve got a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock.

Get on the dog & bone.

So, here’s the go. Jump on the dog n bone and give ya local window cleaner a call. If your day is chock-a-block, these blokes will give ya a hand. They’ve even got mates that’ll help if the castle cops some storm damage. Ya can’t have the billy lids wandering around the castle if it’s not safe.

Jims outdoor

Jims outdoor

Having mates is good.

Droughts and flooding rains is right. If we’re not covered in dust or flooded out, there’s a gum tree fallen through the dunny roof, the power is out, or the fence is over. Havin’ mates is good. These window cleaners are mates with carpet cleaners, handymen, electricians, fence builders, painters, and even building inspectors. They can clean up your whole house and strewth, they can even detail the 4-wheel drive.

Jims Group Logo

Top blokes.

If your home is looking like a dog’s breakfast after a storm, don’t stress. Pull ya head in and give tha blokes at Jim’s a call. They’ll come out and have a captain cook, then take care of everything. You can get the ankle biters off to sleep, then finally kick back and watch tha footy with a coldie and some good tucker. You can’t do it all, so don’t be a galah. Give the boys at Jims a call on 131 546.