The Mow-mentous Shift: How Kip Te Kata Found Fulfillment in Jim’s Mowing Franchise


Kip Te Kata, a successful franchise owner with Jim’s Mowing, shares his enlightening journey from managing call centers to flourishing in the green outdoors. His transformation is a testament to the potential that lies within franchise ownership, especially when one partner with a reputable brand like Jim’s Mowing.


Discovering Kip Te Kata: The Man Before the Mowing Blades

Kip Te Kata is a friendly face from Lower Hutt. Before diving into the world of franchising, he spent a whopping 25 years managing call centers. Just imagine – that’s a quarter of a century!

During this time, Kip sharpened his skills in handling teams and talking to people. But as the years rolled by, he began to feel like a fish out of water. He realized that being cooped up inside buildings just wasn’t his thing. His heart yearned for something more dynamic and fresh.

Imagine spending your days in an office with the same routine day in and day out. Sure, Kip learned a lot, like how to deal with different kinds of people on the phone and how to manage his team to hit their targets.

But, something was off. His heart wasn’t in it anymore. The indoors became monotonous, and he craved the open air. The repetitive nature of the work left him hungry for a career where every day would bring new challenges.

Kip also noticed that in the call center, his hard work was often just a number. He didn’t get to see the direct impact of his efforts on people’s lives. Kip is a people person, and he wanted his work to make a difference, to bring smiles to faces.

This yearning led him to think about what he really wanted in life. He thought about what would make him happy and fulfilled. That’s when the idea of having his own business started to tickle his mind.

But what kind of business? There are countless opportunities out there. The search began.

For aspiring entrepreneurs and those looking to buy a franchise, Kip’s early journey is a valuable lesson. It highlights the importance of self-awareness and knowing what you truly want.

Just like Kip, you might be in a job or career that doesn’t align with your interests or aspirations. It’s vital to recognize this misalignment and have the courage to explore other avenues.

In the next section, we’ll explore how Kip’s yearning for change led him to make a life-altering decision to go with Jim’s Group, a decision that would not only satisfy his craving for the outdoors but also fulfill his dream of running his own business.


The Turning Point: Why Kip Decided to Switch Lanes

Picture Kip, having spent 25 years in call centers, staring at the same four walls every day. The hustle and bustle of the call center environment, while initially exciting, gradually became stifling.

His adventurous spirit felt caged. Kip began to long for the freshness of the outdoors. He started to daydream about the wind in his hair and the satisfaction of doing something tangible.

Call centers, while they provided a steady income, had rigid schedules. Meetings, deadlines, targets to be met, and countless hours spent on the phone.

Kip craved flexibility; he wanted to manage his own time, to have a say in what his day looked like. The entrepreneurial spark within him was screaming to get out!

But why mowing? You might wonder how Kip went from call centers to thinking about mowing lawns.

The thing is, lawn mowing isn’t just about cutting grass. It’s about working in nature, seeing the direct results of your hard work, and creating beautiful spaces for people.

You get all that– and a great income– when you go with Jim’s Mowing.


How Kip Te Kata Found Fulfillment in Jim's Mowing Franchise


Kip knew he wanted to be his own boss and work outside. The beauty of running a lawn mowing business is the freedom it gives you. No more being stuck indoors – every day, you’re out in the fresh air.

The sweet smell of freshly cut grass, the birds singing, and the satisfaction of seeing a perfectly mowed lawn – these are the perks Kip was after.

What’s more, lawn mowing is a business that people always need. Kip realized that this was a golden opportunity. It was something sustainable. The grass keeps growing, and people always want their lawns to look good. It’s a win-win!

Kip was aware that starting a lawn mowing business meant not having to answer to anyone but himself. If something went wrong, he would have the control to fix it. He liked the idea of being fully accountable for his own success.

Kip’s decision to switch lanes is a testament to the importance of following your heart. For those considering starting a business or buying a franchise, take a page out of Kip’s book.

Ask yourself what truly makes you happy. What kind of environment do you thrive in? What kind of work brings you satisfaction? Knowing these answers is a huge step in finding the right business for you.


Kip’s Exciting Voyage with Jim’s Mowing: The Choice That Changed His Life

Kip did his homework. He researched various franchising opportunities and ultimately, Jim’s Mowing stood out.

The brand’s strong support structure for franchisees was unparalleled. The franchisor had answers to all his questions, and the promise of a network that backed its members was too good to pass up.

Kip was drawn to Jim’s because of their evident commitment to not just their customers, but also to the people who formed the backbone of their business – the franchisees.

Once onboard, Kip relished the freedom and accountability of being a franchise owner. The transition was liberating for him; he only had himself to answer to.

In addition, he loved the satisfaction of immediate feedback from clients appreciating a job well done.


The Blossoming Success with Jim’s Mowing

Kip Te Kata has an impressive roster of 80 regular customers. This manageable number allows him to deliver quality service, ranging from mowing lawns to tree pruning, gardening, water blasting, and house washing.

He found joy in being a part of a recognizable brand, which, according to him, makes a huge difference.

The ease of contact and prompt communication offered by Jim’s Mowing is something that customers treasure, and which sets them apart from independent contractors.

Furthermore, Kip didn’t stop at just being a franchisee; he also took up the mantle of a trainer.

As a trainer for new franchisees, he is inspired by the energy and motivation that newcomers bring. He shares his experiences and knowledge, guiding them through the tricks of the trade.

His philosophy is simple – remember why you started and make sure you have fun. This ethos is something that he encourages all new franchisees to embrace.

Kip also has a knack for choosing his clients wisely, focusing on those who value quality and are willing to pay a fair rate for exceptional service. He understands that they offer a luxury service and cherishes customers who recognize the value they bring.



Kip Te Kata’s journey with Jim’s Mowing exemplifies the fulfillment and success that can be achieved through franchise ownership.

His transformation from an indoor management position to a flourishing outdoor career is inspiring– Not only has he found personal satisfaction, but he has also become an essential part of a brand that is known and loved by many.

For those looking to take a leap into the world of franchising, Kip’s story is a beacon of motivation and a guide to unlocking true potential through hard work, a love for what you do, and a great partnership with a supportive brand.



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