Tips for Converting Your Garage into a Home Gym

Tips for Converting Your Garage into a Home Gym

The at-home fitness industry is booming. With so many options for online gym programs, there has never been a better time to set up a home gym. So, now is the time to consider clearing out your garage and converting it into a home gym studio.

While it may seem an unnecessary luxury to convert your garage into a home gym, we think it’s time to take a step back and look at the big picture. When you add up all the costs of the gym fees that you’ve paid over the years, you could look at the expense of owning your own gym as an investment in your future. Not to mention the time that you can save due to the convenience of having a gym set up right there on your property.

Clear the space

Most households use their garage for storage, if not for its intended use as a place to put your car, so if you want to convert your garage to a gym, the first thing you will need to do is clean it out. Take this step methodically, as we all know how much useless junk can accumulate over the years. Donate what you no longer want, repack and store everything you want to keep, and throw the rest away. Don’t be tempted to keep clutter – if something has been sitting in your garage untouched for years, it’s unlikely that you’re ever going to need it.

Take the time to consider whether it’s feasible to convert your entire garage into a home gym, or whether it needs to be a shared storage/gym space. You might have more “stuff” than you had realised. Rather than a single-use gym space, your garage could become a multi-functional area by installing shelving along one wall to house all your Christmas decorations, camping gear, and rarely used kitchen appliances. In short, now is the time to assess your needs clearly and cleverly before it’s too late to turn back!

Our handyman specialists have years of experience in building outdoor structures that are both fit for purpose and aligned with local building laws and regulations. If you want to speak to someone about your garage design ideas, get in touch with us today. Call 131 546 (AU), 0800 454 654 (NZ), or enquire online to receive an obligation-free quote from  Jims Handyman Australia or Jims Handyman New Zealand.

Safety first

In a gym, the space is measured out to both optimise fitness and ensure every gym member can perform their exercises safely. At home, the job is up to you. To prevent injury in your home gym:

  • Clear away clutter – remove anything from the floor that could be considered a tripping hazard. That means keeping your space organised, storing small equipment off the floor, and ensuring all cables run along the wall.
  • Install safety accessories– when you are exercising alone, there’s nobody around to spot you if you can’t pull a weight back up. Keep yourself safe by installing spotter arms on your gym equipment.
  • Install safety flooring – most garages are laid with hard concrete floors. When converting your garage into a home gym, you will need to lay down safety flooring to keep yourself safe from serious injury. Rubber tiles are the most cost-effective and secure option.

Home Gym

Install heating and cooling

Why go to all the effort of converting your garage into a gym if the space is too hot or cold to use effectively? Extreme weather is a considerable deterrent to working out, so make sure your home gym is comfortable enough to entice you off the couch.

Installing a split system air conditioner is an excellent choice for a home gym conversion as the space is small enough to heat or cool efficiently with a single unit.

While you’re thinking about heating and cooling, it’s also a good time to think about ventilation. Don’t forget – the gym is a sweaty and smelly place without proper ventilation. While you’re getting the split system installed, think about a wall-mounted fan to circulate the air.

Store your equipment

It’s impossible to get into an effective workout when your yoga mats, resistance bands, dumbbells, and foam rollers are scattered all over the floor. Build storage into your design with weights racks and wall hooks to keep your equipment tidy and off the floor.

Don’t forget lighting

Garages are essentially built as storage areas, not as spaces for practical use. When it was a garage, it likely didn’t need a great deal of functional lighting. Now that you are converting it into a home gym, you will need better lighting to ensure you can get in a safe and effective workout every time.

If you generally work out during the day, it might be better to consider natural lighting options by installing large windows. If windows aren’t an option or if you tend to work out after dark, call in an electrician to install some bright downlights to light up your space.

Don’t buy the whole gym

It might be a home gym conversion, but that doesn’t mean you need to bring the whole gym along. How much gym equipment do you really use? One of the most challenging decisions when converting a garage into a home gym is choosing the right equipment. Don’t forget – gym equipment is expensive! Sit down and carefully consider what you enjoy using, what you have the space for, and which equipment will best suit your fitness goals. Stick to your fitness personality and invest in equipment that you’ll enjoy in the long term.

Tips for Converting Your Garage into a Home Gym

And, please, stay away from “quick-fix” equipment – the sort sold on morning TV infomercials that promise lightning-fast results in short timeframes. Just ask yourself – would a health club stock it? If not, put your card away!

If you are having difficulty deciding which equipment you should invest in first, call in a professional personal trainer to assess your fitness level and goals. They will be able to offer advice on which equipment you should prioritise purchasing, and they’ll even show you how to use it.


Converting your garage into a home gym is a fun project that will benefit you for years to come. If you are planning to undertake this garage-to-gym project, talk to the team at Jim’s Group on 131 546 (AU), 0800 454 654 (NZ) to get a quote on any of the services listed above. We’ll have you working out in your very own fitness haven in no time!

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