Transition to Franchise Ownership: The Loi Faleoloa Story

Loi Faleoloa, a Samoan living in Newcastle for the past 25 years, narrates his journey from the construction industry to becoming a successful franchise owner with Jim’s Cleaning. His story serves as a motivational tale for those seeking to venture into the world of franchising and craving more control over their work-life balance.

Loi Faleoloa: The Man Before Becoming a Franchise Owner

Loi Faleoloa, originally from Samoa but a Newcastle resident for the past quarter-century, carved out a niche for himself in the bustling construction industry. He specialized in house flipping, a venture that involves buying a home at a lower market price, refurbishing it, and then selling it for a profit. 

A true craftsman in his field, Loi utilized his skills and business acumen to generate a steady income, whether from direct sales or rental opportunities when immediate buyers were scarce.

Balancing his dynamic work environment, Loi also held the mantle of a family man. He shared his life with his wife and their three daughters, cherishing the joys and challenges that came with parenthood. Despite the daily hustle, Loi knew how to distinguish his professional pursuits from his personal life, ensuring that he was present for his family amidst his busy schedule.

Despite his success in the real estate market, the hustle and bustle of the construction world started to lose its appeal for Loi. His desire to slow down stemmed from his wish for a less physically demanding job that would allow him more quality time with his family. He yearned for a career that would not only provide a sustainable income but also allow him to be more involved in his children’s lives.

It wasn’t that Loi was unhappy with his construction career, but he started to feel an irresistible pull toward change. He yearned for something different, something that could offer him a cozier lifestyle, better work-life balance, and the opportunity to work alongside his family. 

The seed of entrepreneurship was planted in his heart, and he began to search for opportunities that could offer him the lifestyle shift he desired.

Unveiling the Reasons for the Career Shift

Loi Faleoloa found himself at a professional crossroads. His work in construction, while rewarding, began to cast a shadow over his family life and personal well-being. As he grew older, the physically demanding nature of house flipping began to take its toll. The strenuous work left him longing for a less taxing career that would allow him more time for himself and his loved ones. His work-life balance started tilting towards the latter, sparking the need for a career shift.

Family, for Loi, was the cornerstone of his life. His three daughters and his wife were his heart and home, and he yearned to spend more quality time with them. The unpredictable and hectic schedule of the construction world was becoming less and less compatible with his aspirations for a balanced family life. 

In his heart, he knew he wanted a change that would allow him to involve his family in his work while also enjoying a relaxed lifestyle.

In addition, the desire for self-employment began to resonate with him. Loi saw the potential benefits of owning his own business – the flexibility to set his own schedule, the control over his income, and the ability to shape his work environment. He craved the freedom that came with being his own boss, a factor that played a significant role in his decision to make a career shift.

However, making such a drastic change isn’t easy. Leaving behind a steady income and a well-established career path can be daunting. But Loi was driven by his unwavering resolve to create a better work-life balance and a desire to establish a legacy for his family. 

His decision wasn’t a rash leap but rather a calculated step towards a new career path that would align better with his personal goals and family life.

The Jim’s Group Journey: Embracing the Cleaning Franchise

Loi’s journey to finding his perfect fit in the franchise world was a conscious and deliberate process. When the thought of switching careers initially germinated, he considered various options, examining each one closely to ensure it aligned with his objectives. 

In this exploratory phase, Loi had initially contemplated joining Jim’s Mowing. He even knew a few friends who had tried their hand in the mowing business and had interesting stories to share about their experiences.

However, on closer scrutiny, he realized that the seasonal nature of mowing and the potential health implications due to chemical usage did not resonate with him. He wanted a business that would operate around the year, offering a steady income and one that would not compromise his health or the environment.

It was then that the thought of cleaning struck him. Loi already had a cleaner visiting his home, which sparked his curiosity about the cleaning business. Intrigued by the prospect, he decided to delve deeper into the cleaning industry. He began conducting research, exploring online resources, and looking for opportunities in this sector. It was during this exploration phase that he stumbled upon Jim’s Cleaning.

Sending an inquiry email to Jim’s Cleaning marked a turning point in Loi’s professional life. The franchise responded positively, connecting him with Scott Mount, a representative from Jim’s Cleaning. This interaction propelled Loi further into his journey with Jim’s Group. His communication with Scott was instrumental in his decision-making process, providing him with valuable insights into the cleaning business.

Jim’s Cleaning appealed to Loi for multiple reasons. It was not just the flexibility of the work that caught his attention, but also the simplicity and effectiveness of the business model. He saw in Jim’s Cleaning a potential to apply his knack for cleanliness and orderliness in a professional context. The franchise seemed to tick all the boxes for his needs and aspirations, becoming the natural choice for his entrepreneurial journey.

Reaping the Rewards of the Jim’s Cleaning Franchise

The transition to Jim’s Cleaning marked a new chapter in Loi’s professional journey, one that proved rewarding on multiple fronts. The flexibility of his new role was instantly noticeable. He was no longer confined to the rigid schedules that his previous construction job demanded. 

He could manage his hours, deciding when to work and when to dedicate time to his family. This newfound freedom was a breath of fresh air, enabling him to strike the perfect work-life balance he had long desired.

Beyond the flexibility, the comprehensive training provided by Jim’s Cleaning played a significant role in easing his transition. Although he initially felt the need for more cleaning-focused content in the training material, Loi found the program beneficial overall. 

The training was well-structured and easy to follow, equipping him with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in his new role. It also gave him a profound understanding of the franchise system, allowing him to navigate the business world confidently.

Loi’s interactions with other franchisees and members of the Jim’s Cleaning community further cemented his positive outlook towards his career change. His visit to Melbourne, where he met with franchisees from various divisions, opened his eyes to the supportive and close-knit family atmosphere within the franchise. The camaraderie among the franchisees was an unexpected bonus, making his entrepreneurial journey less daunting and more enjoyable.

The decision to join Jim’s Cleaning also meant financial security for Loi. With the potential of steady income throughout the year, he could plan his finances better and ensure a comfortable lifestyle for his family. The franchise system also opened up opportunities for online sales, providing an additional source of income and boosting his financial stability.

In retrospect, choosing Jim’s Cleaning has not only allowed Loi to enjoy the perks of being his own boss, but also allowed him to engage in work that he finds fulfilling and enjoyable. The business model of Jim’s Cleaning aligned perfectly with his personal inclinations towards cleanliness and orderliness, turning his profession into a passion.

The journey, while challenging at times, brought with it a multitude of benefits and growth opportunities, proving that the decision to switch careers and embrace the franchise business was indeed a well-made one for Loi. 

His story stands as an inspiring example for others contemplating a similar career transition, illustrating that with the right mindset and determination, it is possible to achieve a perfect blend of professional success and personal satisfaction.


Loi Faleoloa’s story illustrates that it’s never too late for a career shift if it promises a better work-life balance. His journey from construction to franchise ownership underlines the potential of franchising as a flexible, family-friendly career option. 

As Loi found out, it is worth taking the time to research and find a franchise that fits one’s personal needs and lifestyle, to ensure a fulfilling journey towards becoming a successful franchise owner.


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