When do I need to hire traffic control?

Car ownership is at an all-time high in Australia. With over 20.1 million registered motor vehicles nationwide, Australia has one of the highest rates of car ownership in the world! Our busy roads mean that traffic control has become an ever-important consideration for any project that utilises public roads or shared pathways. 

Whether you are cutting down a tree, planning a small community event, building a new driveway for your home, or renovating a shopfront, if your project or event involves a public road or a shared pathway, then you’re required to implement some form of traffic control.

One of the biggest misconceptions about traffic management is that it’s only something that local councils or large event organisers have to worry about. The reality is that traffic control services are called upon by a wide range of businesses and individuals, for a wide range of scenarios. If your project or event is likely to impede local traffic or foot traffic, then you’ll need to apply for a permit and to implement traffic management measures.

So, what exactly does a traffic management company do?

Traffic management companies help individuals and businesses create and implement traffic control strategies for events, works, and projects. Some traffic management companies can also assist individuals and businesses with applying for permits and drawing up traffic plans.

Here at Jim’s Traffic Control, we offer a wide range of traffic management services to meet a variety of needs and demands. From providing individuals and businesses with signage and equipment, to providing onsite traffic controllers, our team has the expertise, equipment, and skills to tackle any project, whatever its size. 


Planning and design

Having access to a good traffic control plan is key to the success of any large project or undertaking. Some key services that traffic control planners can provide include: 

  • Site specific risk assessments
  • Site specific method statements
  • Local authority permissions
  • Multi agency approvals


For medium to large scale events and projects, on-the-day traffic control measures are key. An operational traffic management strategy will help to manage daily traffic, vehicle direction, and crowd flow. At Jim’s Traffic Control, we provide: 

  • Tidal flow and contra flow systems
  • Static lane closures
  • Diversions and full road closures with signed diversion routes
  • Convoy systems

Resources and equipment

Having access to high-functioning equipment provides for clear and seamless traffic management. At Jim’s Traffic Control, we allow for equipment hire across a wide range of resources, including: 

  • Static barriers
  • Temporary concrete barriers
  • Temporary traffic signals
  • Traffic management equipment hire
  • Purpose built TM vehicles

When do I need to hire traffic control?

If your project requires you to work on or near a road, then you should assume that you will need some form of traffic control. Some examples of projects that necessitate the hiring of traffic control include:

  • New build projects
  • Renovation projects
  • Road works
  • Maintenance works
  • Large-scale or small-scale events
  • Community fairs
  • Sporting events

Construction, renovation, and maintenance projects

Most construction, large renovation, and maintenance projects will require traffic control in some form or another. Even if the works aren’t taking place on a major street, having correct procedures in place will make the work site safer for both the onsite team and the multiple delivery drivers and visitors who will be entering the site over the course of the project. 

If your worksite is located in an area that receives a lot of foot or road traffic, then you’ll likely need to obtain a permit from your relevant governing body (e.g. your local council or state road authority). Depending on the size and location of the road or pathway that your worksite impedes upon, you may even have to apply for multiple permits. 

Public and private events

Event planning involves juggling multiple logistical considerations all at once. If you’re planning an event, then one of the key logistical questions you’ll need to ask yourself will be how you’re planning on managing traffic and pedestrian flow.

Medium to large-scale events will need to have an effective traffic management strategy in place in order to be successful and compliant. For example, if your event is taking place on a portion of a shared road, then you will absolutely need to obtain a permit to use that area of the road. You’ll also need to draw up a traffic plan that puts in place on-the-day strategies to divert local traffic and pedestrians, manage crowd flow, and manage parking.

Remember, traffic management can be as simple as putting up signage around a site or hiring traffic controllers to direct people to parking spaces. Not all traffic control measures have to be large-scale. If you are planning a smaller, private event, you might still consider hiring signage or equipment to help manage crowd flow or to help direct your guests. 

Regardless of the size of your project, putting in place traffic management strategies is always a good idea. If you fail to implement proper traffic control measures for your event or project, you’re not only putting yourself and/or your business at risk, you’re also putting yourself in danger of being hit with some hefty fines and penalties. 

Don’t risk the heavy fines and shutdowns. Get in touch with us at Jim’s Traffic Control to see how we can ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Call 131 546 or enquire online today.